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If the digitization of the Bundeswehr succeed is the secure communication and data transfer between different systems is a decisive criterion. This applies not only to the units of the army, but also for all other units, because just is a coordinated joint support operation with the excellent ability of the digital war. Accordingly, this ability to interoperate with other systems in Germany was of great importance to even with the recently announced acquisition of 18 NH90 helicopters Sea Lion for the German Navy. The helicopters are equipped with software-based flight radios (SDR) of the SOVERON family from Rohde & Schwarz. Each helicopter receives three R & S M3AR MR6000A VHF / UHF airborne transceivers including spare parts.

The three important features of these radios are the (national) by the BSI to NATO SECRET approved cryptography, the fulfillment of the civil registration requirements of the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and the completion of necessary international and NATO STANAGs (including STANAG 4204 and STANAG 4205 for the fixed frequency / ATM operations, STANAG 4246 for HaveQuick, STANAG 4372 for SATURN EPM communication as well as STANAG 5511 and MIL-STD-188-203-1A for the LINK 11 mode).

The flight radio can thus the latest communication methods that have been NATO-wide standardized use. And compliance with the EASA requirements of civil registration policies offers advantages because military aircraft can only be admitted without restriction and used if they also meet the civil rules in addition to military specifications. In addition, the R & S M3AR MR6000A offers a high resistance to disturbances such as powerful radio transmitters or radars and cosmic radiation. It contains filters for the suppression of shortwave and FM interference and noise signals in the same frequency band (co-site operation).

"The NH90 Sea Lion has improved communications technology, which means that this military helicopter can also operate in civil aviation," explains Stefan Pleyer, head of market segment Avionics at Rohde & Schwarz. "Thus, the NH90 in international airspace can be used in all conditions. are nearly 8,000 SDRs of the R & S M3AR family to over 70 different airborne platforms in use worldwide. "

Dorothee Frank