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The Bundeswehr will receive five warning and alarm systems for field camp protection by 2024. The Federal Office for Equipment, Information Technology and Use of the German Armed Forces announced on April 1, 2021 that the armed forces’s field camp protection would be expanded to include the portable and quickly deployable Ground Alerter GA 10 system. With a 360 ° cover, the GA 10 is able to identify missiles, artillery and mortar (RAM) projectiles, analyze their trajectory and, at the same time, calculate the firing position. As soon as it becomes apparent that an impact is imminent in the relevant protection area, an alarm is set off. The system is designed for continuous operation. Thanks to its quick and easy set-up, it is also suitable for protecting convoys. The manufacturer of the system is Thales.

RAM represent a constant threat in the deployment areas from opposing, also asymmetrical, forces. In the future, the Bundeswehr will be able to provide even better protection for soldiers on deployment from these threats.

The Ground Alerter 10 is a complete sense & warning system, which consists of a UHF radar, an integrated alarm network with several wireless and wired alarm devices and a control device (hardened laptop) with Venus control software. The antenna with GPS positioning system is positioned on a six meter high telescopic mast. The signals are processed in a signal processing unit (SPC) and the results are distributed via a radio system (RFC). Power is supplied by a battery pack that can be exchanged during operation. With two packs, the system can be operated 2 × 4 hours continuously.

The integrated alarm network selectively generates an acoustic and visual alarm only in the area of ​​the calculated impact point. At the same time, the GA10 provides usable information about the firing position at an early stage in order to enable an intervention adapted to the situation

The GA 10 can be laid without tools. The heaviest parts can be carried by two people. Only two people are required for assembly and dismantling. In fully automated operation, one person is sufficient to initialize and monitor the system. The system can be laid with protected command and function vehicles of class 2 or by helicopter. The power consumption of the GA10 is only 350 watts.

Ground alert systems have already been actively used to protect the UN camps in Kidal (northeast Mali) and Gao (east Mali) as well as for the French armed forces in various camps.

The first of the systems that have now been ordered will be handed over to the troops this year. The other systems will follow by October 2024.

Wolfgang Gelpke / Gerhard Heiming