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On 13.01.2020 the period expired the RFP for Germany's future heavy transport helicopter (STH) for dispensing. The 1,900-page RFP was published on 24 June 2019 by the Federal Office for equipment, information technology and use of the Bundeswehr (BAAINBw).

Both Boeing and Sikorsky, a subsidiary of Lockheed Martin, have informed divided that both companies the RFP have complied on 13/01/2020.

The contract for the procurement of 44 to 60 helicopters, including repairs and maintenance and training, is expected for the 2021st The feed of the individual helicopter is provided according to present knowledge in the years 2024-2032.

Boeing H-47 Chinook

Proposed H-47 Chinook counts with more than 950 systems in 20 countries - including eight NATO countries (Greece, Great Britain, Italy, Canada, Netherlands, Spain, Turkey and the US) - the bewährtesten and kampferprobtesten helicopters worldwide. He also has a technology roadmap with which he is to remain for many decades to a modern technological level.

Schwerer Transporthubschrauber – Angebote abgegeben
Boeing wants to allow German companies many opportunities for engineering and manufacturing jobs throughout the company's portfolio of Boeing of time. (Photo: Boeing)

"We have submitted our response to the RFP and look forward to working with the BAAINBw and German industry to provide the best solution to the armed forces," said Michael Hostetter, vice president of Boeing Defense, Space & Security in Germany. "The H-47 Chinook is a unique platform that can perform the missions to which other helicopters are unable. He is a proven multi-mission capable Heavy transport helicopter with advanced technology that meets the requirements of Germany. "

"We are committed to carry out maintenance and training, as well as parts of the production in Germany," said Dr. Michael Haidinger, President Boeing Germany. "For this we build our German industry team for the H-47 Chinook further."

Sikorsky CH-53K King Stallion

The second party in the race, the team of Sikorsky and Rheinmetall, which offers a version of the CH-53K King stallion. "Considering abilities life cycle costs and Missionsabforderungen and the CH-53K provides the significantly better long-term value compared to other transport helicopters," Rheinmetall describes the advantages of its offer. "Due to the design of the loading space, the CH-53K is also able to receive the same air transport pallets as the C-130J and the A400M and so to allow a fast load handling."

Schwerer Transporthubschrauber – Angebote abgegeben
In the event of a successful application Sikorsky and Rheinmetall want to build at the airport Leipzig / Halle a logistics center and a STH Fleet support center. (Photo: US Navy)

Sikorsky has provided in cooperation with its German partner Rheinmetall in the form of a background briefing on the evening of the tender representatives of the trade press a deeper insight into the requirements of the Armed Forces of the STH and the creation process of the tender.

Schwerer Transporthubschrauber – Angebote abgegeben

In the first step of the indicative range of the tender BAAINBw also calls for some modifications to the helicopter, to meet the various mission requirements for the future STH, which go beyond the pure air transport. These modifications would then also part of the certification of the helicopter, said Frank Crisafulli, Director of STH team at Sikorsky before the assembled media representatives. Unlike the King stallion is a pure logistical transport helicopters, the STH is to have systems that these for use as Spezialkräfte- and CSAR helicopters should enable. Committed about 150 people had strong and composed mainly of engineers team on both sides of the Atlantic, substantial work is done in order to show in detail on an approximately 5,000-side offering, as the team will meet the requirements of BAAINBw. For example, concepts for the logistical support, the Zertifizierungsweg and the entire logistics chain had to be set out in the "indicative" offer. Indicative offer is considered a "first offer", by which the client wants to give a picture of the available power spectrum.

By the industry is now expected that the BAAINBw evaluates the concepts of the two offers, the "Raisin" picks out the two offers and combined in the call for a Best and Final Offer. This chosen path of indicative bids was evaluated by the CH-53K team as very positive, because it is both the payer and the industry is the possibility to demand new concepts and present, to which one might with a based on current experience gained request would not have come. Finally, it would be the STH to a helicopter with respect to its complexities which represents completely new.

In addition to the helicopters were also formulated in the field of technical and logistical support complex demands, said Mike Schmidt, CEO Rheinmetall Aviation Services GmbH. He also pointed out that German companies have "a significant percentage" at the CH-53K program if the Bundeswehr for this helicopter will decide as STH.

Rheinmetall would wear in addition to the maintenance of the helicopter, the production and operation of simulators of maintenance for repair personnel, and Level C simulators for pilots and crew members for the technical documentation and cyber / IT security of helicopters and simulators responsibility , MTU Aero Engines, would be responsible for the maintenance of the engines and AUTOFLUG for manufacture and maintenance of safety systems (parachutes) and cabin interiors (seats and MEDEVAC equipment). For ground equipment (tripod jacks, axle jacks and tow bars) hydraulic system is from Hamburg as a partner.

The Bundeswehr intends to completely outsource to industry manage the logistics in the first 36 months, to undertake this maintenance locations must be connected to the air bases of STH fleet (wood village and Laupheim) to operate.

Dorothee Frank and Waldemar Geiger