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After the public presentation of the Dutch soldiers Systems VOSS (Verbeterd Operationeel Soldaat Systeem) on the NIDV Defense and Security Exhibition (NEDS), the Netherlands Ministry of Defense Elbit Systems has contracted with the supply of components for the soldiers system worth the equivalent of 58 million euros.

The support and protection system is a central component of VOSS (Photo: Defensie)

As part of this follow-up order Elbit Systems additional carrying equipment for the support and protection system (Load Carriage and Protection, LCP) will deliver. As part of the VOSS program Elbit Systems the Dutch armed forces handheld radios E-LynX supplies (Software Defined Radio) and portable computers Raptor for keeping equipment including vehicle component.

By April 2019, the Dutch armed forces had tested the new combat equipment and will be subject comfort and functionality of combinations of vests, backpacks and ballistic protection in different environments. This included the integration of the communication and navigation equipment and the access to the combat vehicles. The first 500 systems are to start in 2020 come into force.

Gerhard Heiming