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As the ninth nation wants to use Denmark battlefield bridges (GFB) Iguana on the carrier vehicle Leopard second On 12 December 2019 the Danish procurement office DALO (Danish Defense Acquisition and Logistics Organization) and Krauss-Maffei Wegmann (KMW) have signed a contract for the supply of seven Iguana bridge-laying systems on Leopard 2 chassis. The job includes a total of six Iguana systems, a complete package periphery, training simulators, and an additional carrier vehicle. Delivery of the bridge layers begins at the end 2,022th

With the Iguana system with a bridge 26 meters in length or, alternatively, two bridges, each 14 meters in length can be transported under battle conditions and to be laid. The load capacity is sufficient for vehicles of the military load class MLC 80. As an exception to load MLC 110 admitted. The automatic installation process takes about five minutes, during which the crew can remain under protection.

Just two days earlier KMW had the first handed over to the Netherlands two of eight GFB. In parallel, the production and delivery runs from seven GFB for Germany.

According to KMW the Iguana Bridge system is on different mobility platforms (wheel and chain) in 19 countries.

Gerhard Heiming