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Rheinmetall Defense Australia has passed the first boxer Combat Reconnaissance Vehicle (combat reconnaissance) from the oncoming mass production to the Australian forces on September 24 of 2019.

The first 25 boxers are produced by Rheinmetall in Germany and transported as a complete kit to Australia. The assembly and overall system integration is done in purpose-built Military Vehicle Center of Excellence (MILVEHCOE) in Brisbane, which is part of Rheinmetall Defense Australia.

The production of these boxers is used for training of Australian employees who will take over the production of the remaining 186 vehicles and 12 modules from the beginning of the 2021st For this, the staff of MILVEHCOE will rise to 200 by the end of this year. Nearby in the supply industry an additional 250 jobs will be created.

The MILVEHCOE is also responsible for the truck, Rheinmetall supplies to the Australian Defense Forces since 2013 and until the 2020th

A further boost could get the MILVEHCOE when Rheinmetall should get Land400 Phase 3 contract for the armored personnel within the Armament Program. Rheinmetall has been selected with the Lynx armored personnel KF41 as one of two candidates a few days ago and would up to 400 vehicles produced there.

Gerhard Heiming