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SIG Sauer has officially announced its participation in the Next Generation Squad Weapons Project. As the company from Newington announced that it replaces in the spirit of his Systemhaus claim with a complete solution. Sun wants SIG Sauer, a 6.8 mm-hybrid ammunition to submit an assault rifle (NGSW-R = Rifle) and a light machine gun (NGSW-AR = Automatic Rifle). The weapons should also carry newly developed silencer made by SIG Sauer beyond.

The core of the complete system, the 6.8 mm hybrid ammunition that can use up both assault rifle and MG forms. It should be characterized by greater range and better effect on the target and thereby much more compact and lighter than previous failed calibers.

The SIG Sauer NGSW-AR should have the range and firepower of a medium-caliber guns on ergonomics and precision of an assault rifle. Furthermore, it should be characterized by an AR typical operating concept can be loaded either via magazines or belts and feature a foldable buttstock and silencer and interfaces for attachments.

The fully operated from both sides SIG Sauer NGSW-R, in turn, should have a reinforced free swinging M-Lok hand guard, a side cocking lever, a folding shoulder rest and a silencer. Again, there are interfaces for Sights and attachments.

Jan-Phillipp Weisswange