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The USArmy leads 5,000 to 6,000 new M110A1 squad designated marksman rifle (SDMR) for their scope Protect on a group level. The US Army thus continues to rely on the caliber 7.62mm x 51 for their IF rifles.

The M110A1 SDMR is a semi-automatic G28E from the G28 / HK417 family. The weapons are to be manufactured in Oberndorf and then fully configured by the subsidiary HK USA with the separately procured by the US Army rifle scopes SIG Sauer Tango 6 1-6 × 24 SDMR, Geissele montages and other fittings of a total of 12 US-based companies become. They are then delivered to the US Army. Heckler & Koch will continue providing spare parts, service and training.

The M110A1 is by 2022 to replace the M14 Enhanced Battle Rifle. The G28E already used in a different configuration than M110A1 Compact Semiautomatic Sniper System in the US Army.

Jan-Phillipp Weisswange