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For Disruption and disruptive technologies, there is no uniform definition. Known in the tech scene of Silicon Valley is often applied these concepts to technologies as they have the potential to revolutionize established products in its segment. By digitizing originally analog products, these are, for example, enable a significantly higher potential to unfold. Otherwise promises to integrate an electronic directing agent for the command mortar.

command mortar

The command mortar itself is very easy to explain. A tube having a bottom piece and 60 mm mortar round form the entire weapon system. of the tube in the target direction by hand is targeted by means of alignment. The inclination of the tube and the number of propellant charge rings on the cartridge determines the distance that defines the fired cartridge. Objectives can be so up to a distance of approximately 1,500 meters effective and comparatively fast combat. At distances beyond 500 m the broad direction holds the tube by hand sources of error for the accuracy of the weapon. Even experienced mortar team then need several shots to bring the action to the finish. With increased stress factor (fatigue, enemy fire, increased heart rate by physical exertion, ...) is growing both the ammunition required amount and the time required for the target engagement.

Electronic directing agent GRAM

Here shepherd Berger comes in on the DSEI-presented electronic aiming devices. With only 900 g weight, the GRAM (GRID Aiming Mode) combines a plurality of position sensors for determining the position of the tube in the space and a wireless interface for communication with the processing unit. fixed to the tube by means of a clamp, the integrated position sensors allow a much more accurate determination of lateral and vertical inclination of the pipe, as this can be achieved by means of conventional vials.

The arithmetic unit transmitting devices, including the power unit are integrated into the shoulder strap. The sensor unit can be folded for transport and is unfolded before shooting. For a sufficiently high accuracy a minimum distance of 20 cm between the pipe and sensor necessary. (Photo: Waldemar Geiger)

The precise alignment of the pipe as the driving factor for the accuracy of the command mortar, is thus improved considerably and requires also a reduced time requirement and ammunition approach to the target engagement. Protect Conditional misses accounts, the associated collateral damage as much as possible avoided. The effective range is also increased because the higher hit accuracy allows the fight against more distant targets.


Higher combat speed and increased precision alone make the command mortar better, but for classification of technology as distruptiv this is not enough. 2.0 to the command mortar is characterized in that a direct line of sight of the mortar protecting the goal is no longer necessary.

What sounds like little, the largest potential does indeed but this technique. primarily a direct line of sight means danger. To use the command mortar had to be brought into alignment so far aim tube and contactors. Both mortar and the shooter were exposed and could therefore be clarified by the enemy and fought in the final analysis. With shepherds Bergers new system eliminates this factor. Exposure a significantly lower body signature for target position determination by means of conventional aids (binocular, map and a compass) or modern observation means such as a laser rangefinder now sufficient for the use of the weapon system. Contactors and weapon can remain behind cover.

Thus, the potential of the GRAM is not yet exhausted. As the use of the weapon is no longer dependent on the alignment of the aiming eye, the mortar and the target even further operational procedures for the system are possible. The command mortar is no longer limited to the direct leveling, the GRAM command enables the mortar for indirect straightening.

While being incorporated into an infantry platoon Mortar Team, for example, is still on the march and infantry correct the bidding to land exploits as cover, one set up to monitor sniper squad has cleared a potential threat to our flank. By means of its laser rangefinder and own GPS determines the squad in a few seconds the exact position of the target. Since the target is beyond the reach of the sniper or the sniper will not reveal its position by direct control of the target, the sniper may transmit the enemy position by means of data or voice transmission directly to the mortar squad. During the gunner and loader prepare the weapon for use within a few seconds, the squad leader processes the target message by means of the computing unit to a fire command (direction angle increase of the tube and the number of propellant charge rings) for its detachment. Just a few seconds after the request of the mortar fire by the snipers, the first cartridge leaves the mortar tube.

The system enables the electronic directional means command mortar for indirect straightening and consists of a data radio intelligent monitoring agent, a ballistic calculator and the GRAM. (Photo: Hirtenberger Defense Systems)

Missed shots are with proper operation of the system only by external factors (. Weather for example) possible. In the best case, that is the use of wireless data transmission and the presence of an ideal use weather (no wind at all altitudes layers), the whole process is completed in two to three minutes, and all parties can safely pursue their original order.

Interoperability and more performance potential

The charm of the system is On-add capability in his. , The user decides whether to use the command-mortar traditional or digitized by buckled the directional means to the mortar or not. The basic functionality of the mortar is affected in any way.

Since any 60-mm ammunition ballistics calculator can be imaged by means of an integration of the respective ballistic data in the can already introduced command mortar, even when users of ammunition from other manufacturers, are very simple combat performance increased.

The full potential, based on weight reduction for the same effect, the system in the use of our command ammunition (60 MM CDO), which, like the 60-mm-explosive cartridge has an equivalent effect classical at about 30 percent less weight unfolded. The manufacturer is working to further optimize this cartridge using the in-house ConFrag technology (controlled fragmentation) to the effects. At constant weight is assumed that an increase in activity (mortality) of more than 50 percent is achieved. The qualification of the cartridge is to be completed by the company, by the end of the 2017th

A simple calculation gives an idea of ​​the potential of the system: Based on the current squad armed with a command mortar borne by the mortar squad 30 kg of weight (command mortar about 10 kg and 10 cartridges a ~ 1.79 kg). With the new combination, it would be only 24 kg (command mortars, aiming devices and 10 cartridges a ~ 1.25 kg), in addition to the weight reduction is promised a 50 percent higher effect (lethal effect against a standard 60mm HE cartridge) with significantly increased precision, Ersttrefferwahrscheinlichkeit and combat speed achieved without having any loss in coverage.

Process and handling trainer for command mortar

The next steps are initiated. A representative of the company pointed to on the DSEI that the electronic directional means in addition to the primary function of the power increase command mortar still has further potential for development. So Hirtenberger is currently employed, among other things, the system electronic directional means (observation means in combination with data radio, ballistic computer and electronic directional means) additional to develop as a full-fledged action and procedural trainer and simulator for the life simulation for the composite observer (driver infantry, sniper, commando, STF observer or mortar squad leader) and command Mortar Team. The skills of the necessary communication between the individual elements are already implemented. Simulated results in the target area are working on a way of presentation. This could be achieved both by pyrotechnic means, or by means of a virtual reality / augmented reality glasses for the shooter (observer or mortar Trupp).


With the GRAM Hirtenberger could be a big hit. While Mitt candidates to focus on the optimization of ammunition (with respect. Weight reduction effect, targeting and steering capability) and the integration and automation of large-caliber mortars in modern platforms, the Austrian system of mortars a way has found the performance of the widely used 60 mm to increase mortar quickly and easily.

Waldemar Geiger