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With the RSG60 Rheinmetall has developed a new 60mm mortar system for use in infantry and special forces associations.

The RSG60 has novel design and construction features which in particular impact on the weight and portability of the mortar. In developing the new mortar, Rheinmetall also with many new design features - unusual in the Mörserei materials - recourse.

Thus, there is approximately 70 centimeters long tube made of steel, with a Kohlefaserumwicklung. On the one hand provides the necessary strength and provides other hand, for the achieved weight savings of approximately 30 percent, compared to conventional construction of pure steel. The base plate is made of a carbon fiber composite material.

The published images of the RSG60 uses no classic bipod. To stabilize the standard variant, a single connected with the base plate via a hinge, telescopic rod is used. The connection to the tube is realized by means of a cross in the pipe clamp bolt. The pipe clamp is firmly connected to the pipe and besides takes a holding-directional handle, a dovetail guide for receiving a periscope, a level indicator and a mechanical weft panel on. In conjunction with a periscope of RSG60 fire support can make in indirect straightening.

The novel design of the steep firearm has a space-saving and allows the users to the mortar in a few seconds from the transport position out to make ready to fire. Similarly, the RSG60 can, according to the company, without tools decrease in approximately 30 seconds with a few hand movements by the release of four retaining bolts of the base plate and use independently as a command mortar.

Technical specifications

RSG60 standard version RSG60 command mortar
caliber 60 mm
tube length 700 mm
Weight 15.8 kg 6.8 kg
basic dimensions 850 x 480 mm 850 x 211 mm
Range ·         3200 m (Standardrohr)

· 3700 m (with extension tube)

2000 m
firing modes ·         Abzug

· Drop mode


According to Rheinmetall of RSG60 has already successfully completed several test shooting. The development of new mortar began in October 2017. The aim Rheinmetall was to complement the portfolio of its 60mm mortar ammunition family and his fire control to an associated and promising weapon. From the beginning, the company writes, were therefore weight savings, speed and ergonomics in the center of the development work of the RSG60.

Waldemar Geiger