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The Finnish Navy recently received the 300th MASS (Multi Ammunition Softkill System) ship protection system, which was produced by Buck Fronau, a Rheinmetall Waffen Munition GmbH company. The Patrol Gunboat PGG Tornio is equipped with this. The Finnish Navy was the first customer for the system almost twenty years ago. In the meantime, 14 nations use MASS to protect their warships.

Photo: Rheinmetall

MASS is a launcher for programmable multispectral decoys that disrupt the search function of guided missiles in such a way that they do not reach their target. The decoys act in the entire relevant spectral range (radar, infrared, laser and visible light). MASS can be installed on all types of ships, integrated into existing command and weapon deployment systems or operated as a stand-alone system.

The latest versions include MASS_OCR with an Offboard Corner Reflector with special deception and deflection capabilities against the most modern radar threats. Two Offboard Corner Reflector (OCR) missiles can be used per launcher, which generate ship-like radar signatures. Depending on the situation, its range can be programmed automatically between 35 and 850 meters, the duration of use is over 60 seconds.

Gerhard Heiming