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There seems to be movement in the procurement of the Navy. According to current planning, numerous projects will be submitted to the responsible committees of the German Bundestag for approval before the summer break. This schedule must also be adhered to, as no longer realistically decisions can be expected after the summer break until the formation of a new federal government and parliamentary committees after the federal election in September.

It is particularly important that new projects are also initiated. The focus is on the future surface combat ships. The planning of these ships is to be advanced with studies that MTG Marinetechnik GmbH has been commissioned to carry out.

The Hamburg company is to produce cost and performance analyzes for a total of twelve topics. These are harbor tugs, mine clearance drones, medium support units for seagoing units (MUsE), multi-purpose combat boats, houseboats, various training systems and units, harbor tankers, transfer boats and the “Next Generation Frigate” project.

The "Rhön" - one of the two fuel tankers of class 704 (Photo: Bundeswehr)

In mid-January, during a maritime conference in London, it became known that the naval command was trying to get the overdue replacement of the (port) service and training vessels. Details have not yet been released. However, there was a hint that as much civil design as possible should be used. Leasing could also be considered. That would then mean that these support vehicles would no longer be managed by the Bundeswehr itself.

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