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According to an overview by the Federal Ministry of Finance, Bundeswehr projects are to be financed with 3.2 billion euros from the federal government's economic and future package. The federal government decided on the package in June 2020 in order to support the domestic economy in dealing with the consequences of the corona pandemic. With a project volume of ten billion euros, planned orders and investments are to be brought forward in all areas. In the case of armaments projects, those should be selected that contain a high proportion of German added value.

Defense blogger Thomas Wiegold (Eyes straight ahead!) reported on the BMF list and named numerous projects from the Ministry of Defense that are recorded there. The incomplete list lists eleven projects and project groups for which a total volume of 2.8 billion euros is given. The focus of the planned expenditures is in each case more than one billion euros in the years 2021 and 2022. The main focus is on trucks, for which over 800 million euros - around a quarter of the planned expenditures - are planned. This would increase investment spending in the defense sector by around a tenth.

However, it is still unclear how the early implementation of projects will affect the defense budget. The financial resources were already planned in, but later. Moving forward could result in more funds being available in the years mentioned. In order to maintain the level of expenditure in the following years, new projects would have to take their place. However, if the existing financial horizons in the Ministry of Defense's areas of expenditure are viewed as an upper limit, bringing forward projects would displace other projects and postpone them until later.

After the exorbitant new borrowing in the current financial year, one of the main tasks in drawing up the 2021 budget, which will be discussed in Parliament from September, will be the limitation of expenditure. According to the key figures for the Federal Government's 2021 budget from March 2020, an increase in the defense budget by 600 million euros to 45.6 billion euros is planned, an increase that defense politicians consider to be too small. It was hoped that the budget would increase further in the course of the budget negotiations. Given the circumstances, we will be happy when the planned volume for the defense budget of 45.6 billion euros is reached. Where the additional billions will then remain is still unclear.


3,2 Milliarden Euro aus dem Konjunkturpaket für die Bundeswehr

Übersicht (Quelle: Augen geradeaus!):

Project / project group 2020 2021 2022 2023
Medical equipment 20 154 20 20
UTF (5 t and 15 t) 238 160
ammunition 20 80 110,5
four LUH SAR 60
digital inventory of the properties 100 100
energetic renovation of Bw properties 45 100 100
BwFPS equity increase 131,5 60 224,5
BWI are equity increases 57 103,3 22,8 29,2
Modernization of Bw educational institutions 50 50
Digitization and strengthening resilience 25 107,7 268 333
Museum ship Nordwind 2
Annual sums: 298,5 1.055 1.055,8 382,2


Gerhard Heiming