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The Bundeswehr will continue to provide support media for its soldiers abroad. This includes internet connections to family and friends as well as to the familiar social environment. These are also ensured in remote areas by land and sea. For the first time, media services such as Bundeswehr television (bwtv) and Radio Andernach as well as video-on-demand (VoD) and ePaper are included in the Connect-D package. With “Connect-D”, the Bundeswehr provides its personnel with the aforementioned extensive support media services during foreign commitments, unlimited in time and free of charge.

The Bundeswehr has awarded this contract to Airbus for the next two years - with an option to extend it for a further two years. The Airbus company has been responsible for the Bundeswehr's support communications since 2011. The Connect-D service is currently available in 15 locations on three continents, e.g. in Afghanistan, Mali and Lithuania. With the new contract, Airbus commits that Connect-D will be available in today's and future missions and exercises abroad with high-performance communication technology.

Dorothee Frank