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The budget committee of the Bundestag has approved 2020 budget of approximately 78 million euros for a concept study of the German-French Future Combat Air System (FCAS) on Wednesday February 12. Besides budgetary resources at the same level of France. Defense Minister Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer welcomed the progress of the project on Twitter.

The program involved in the industry, consisting of Airbus, Dassault, MTU, saffron, MBDA and Thales, already vermeldeten that the framework contract for the demonstrator 1A is signed.

In a joint press release, the company stated that the framework contract for the first demonstrator of the Future Combat Air System has a term of 18 months and introduces among other things the development of demonstrators and new, leading-edge technologies. It continues: "The launch of the first flight test is scheduled for the 2026th The industry partners are working to a common concept study on the architecture of the future air defense system since early 2019 in the frame. With the launch of the demonstrator a FCAS the program is now entering a more decisive phase. "

The press release is further seen that the initial focus is on the major technological challenges in the various program areas. These are:

  • Development of the next generation (Next Generation Fighter Jet Fighter -
    NGF), dem Kernelement des Future Combat Air System, mit Dassault Aviation als
    Prime Contractor und Airbus als Hauptpartner,
  • Development Unmanned Systems / remote-controlled drones (remote Carrier - RC)
    Airbus als Prime Contractor und MBDA als Hauptpartner,
  • Development of Combat Cloud (CC) with Airbus as a prime contractor and Thales as
  • Development of the engine with Safran and MTU as main partners.

In addition, the participating companies jointly develop a simulation environment
to provide consistent conditions to ensure among the demonstrators.

The core of the FCAS is the Next Generation Weapon System (NGWS), this should starting from 2040, to replace fleet Euro Fighter in Germany. FCAS is being promoted jointly by Germany, France and Spain, where Spain's contribution is still unclear. Nevertheless Program membership June 2019 has not yet been officially incorporated into the program Spain. This should happen reportedly only in the course of the year. Furthermore, the Federal Ministry of Defense in a message published today informed that are run with other "potential partners" calls.

Waldemar Geiger