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The Future Combat Air System (FCAS) was the major theme at this year's Paris Air Show. Just the two prime contractor Airbus and Dassault want to win back lost confidence and put themselves and the subject is accordingly.

To the complex system of systems - FCAS is much more than just a Kapfflugzeug - declare ideological Airbus has represented, among others, in a new video the envisaged cooperation between the different systems with each other.

FCAS is currently the biggest and most important strategic defense program in Europe and thus the key to European sovereignty in the 21st century. Although there is currently a trinational project with Germany. France and Spain, it is clear that later can be added also Italy and the UK as EUROFIGHTER user States and should. In Paris, the export to countries such as Saudi Arabia and Qatar was part of the industry also directly addressed already.

As a combat system of systems will provide FCAS increasing effects by exploiting the related skills of pooled platforms and the next level of air forces in the so-called anti-access area denial (A2AD) - in German the ability of an adversary access to all areas to deny - brings into effect. The fighter is a fighter aircraft of the 6th generation.

The cornerstone of FCAS is the weapon system of the next generation, a composite of a fighter aircraft of the 6th generation that deals with so-called remote carriers (RC) together includes the composite as a fighting force multipliers. In addition, manned and unmanned platforms are the collective capabilities add their individual abilities and uniqueness. This is all done in a fully interoperable domain of the allied forces from land, air to cyber. In addition there will be a cloud in which all networked capabilities of all pooled platforms work together in a network. The goal is to generate a corresponding information superiority on the battlefield.

This so-called "Air Combat cloud" that is the heart. (Eg AWACS) Transpotflugzeuge, drones, satellites, etc. Remote Carriers, support aircraft networked - then in her combat aircraft - including the Next Generation Fighter. The transport aircraft such as the A400M, used inter alia for installing and withdrawing certain RCs with RETRIEVAL.

Future Combat Air System (FCAS) auf der Paris Air Show

At the Paris Air Show, the biennial Joint Concept Study (JCS) was commissioned. This is the beginning of a series of studies, which end in a demonstrator.

Here, will join the many new to the existing skills. So in the future Manned-Unmanned Teaming (MUT) is as much a standard as Unmanned-Unmanned Teaming (UUT). MUT is still largely an issue for the future, in the USA the Boeing AH-64 attack helicopter APACHE in use reality in Europe.

The remote Carriers can thereby take on a variety of tasks:

  • enlightenment
  • suppression
  • misery
  • phoney
  • Electronic Warfare (EW)
  • effector

André Forkert