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The Dutch armed forces have contracted Rheinmetall with the second phase of the modernization of its fleet of armored recovery vehicles 3 buffalo. With this measure, 21 vehicles are to be increased combat performance. The contract is worth euro area in the mid double-digit millions. The now initiated Phase 2 follows a first appointment from April 2019. At that time the Royal Dutch Army Rheinmetall had charge of the modernization of four armored recovery vehicles 3 buffalo.

The modernization measures are carried out in the Rheinmetall locations in Kassel and the Dutch Ede. They include a complete overhaul of individual armored recovery vehicles and the switch to a new digital control concept, the scaffolding of modern visual means, mission packages with ballistic and mine protection and enhancement with new battlefield rescue equipment and Universal carrying platforms. There are also technical documentation, training and other services.

The first vehicles will be handed over to the Dutch armed forces beginning in 2021 and available in time for use in 2023 VJTF available.

With the all new technological and tactical standard, the service life is developed by Rheinmetall, on the Leopard 2 chassis-based and extended use proven Bergepanzer to 2040th

With this latest contract, a new standard for modern armored recovery prevails. In December 2018, the Bundeswehr, Rheinmetall had commissioned to modernize their Bergepanzer 3 fleet in order to adapt to the current deployment scenarios. Similar configurations are mission in which NATO allies Canada and in the Swedish armed forces in use.

In addition, the recovery tank 3 in Switzerland, Spain, Greece and Singapore in use. South Korea has built with kits of the mountains specific features Bergepanzer K1 ARV on the chassis of the battle tank K1. Following the same concept of battle tank LeClerc originated in the United Arab Emirates and France Bergepanzer Char de Dépannage DNG / DCL with Rheinmetall kits to ride-off.

The buffalo was implemented in the German-Dutch joint development by Rheinmetall and introduced into the troupe from 1992 75 (Germany) or 25 pieces (Netherlands). The recovery tank 3 is part of the equipment of the armored units with Leopard 2, artillery units with PzHaubitze 2000 and units of mobile logistics.

Mark Buffalo are rotated about 270 degrees crane with a lifting capacity of 30 tons and the recovery winch with 34 tons of pulling force. The pulling force can be multiplied with pulleys. A quick recovery equipment - after modernization rear - allows the recovery of failed combat vehicle from the battlefield, without having to leave the armored protection. The sign on the front of the vehicle is used to support heavy lifting, but can be also used for clearing obstacles.

The 54.3-ton armored recovery vehicle is powered by a 1,103 kW diesel engine from MTU and reaches a top speed of 68 km / h. The three-man crew is protected in the combat area from ballistic and blast threats. The 2012 scaffolded driver vision device SPECTUS ( "Spectral Technology for Unlimited Sight") from Carl Zeiss Optronics with thermal imaging camera and arranged in parallel intensifier camera improves visibility and allows forward and backward - and the use of the quick recovery equipment - under armor protection to self-protection are machine gun and smoke dischargers available ,

Gerhard Heiming