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In the premises of the Nordic Embassies in Berlin received the Saab Germany GmbH October 9 guests of users and the buyer side for Saab Day of 2019.

Anders Sjöberg, CEO Saab Germany GmbH, in approaching (Photo: Saab)

This event is conducted every two years, always in which takes place in the years no ILA. The motto of the event was "Technology in [ENG / SWE] partnership." So Saab tied many of his German partner in the talks and product with one, including Diehl Defense, Taurus GmbH or FFG.

Projects and plans with respect to German

Saab has commissioned the AGDUS (Training device simulator duel) to the default Optical interface SpecificationOSAG 2.0 (Optical interface) to raise. This gives the AGDUS last NATO standard and will in the future much more flexible for integration of other systems. Saab has developed this standard together with the Bundeswehr. Außerdem wird man sich an der Ausschreibung für das AGDUS Soldier System für Live Training beteiligen. Es wird dem Nutzer mehr Flexibilität im Bereich des Trainings ohne feste Installationen geben.

Mith the armor weapon NLAW wants to participate in the tender for a tracking system for qualified antitank.

The Swedish Armed Forces have awarded the development contract for the RBS 15 Mk4 at Saab, an integral part of the team's Diehl Defense. The Mk4 will be fully integrated for aircraft that would enable the Air Force to easily, their adopted by the Marine aviators order the Naval warfare from the air reintroduce.

In the future, combat support (TEC) of the navy are an improved radar and a FÜWES (Combat Management Systems) get improved self-protection. Here Saab both as a COTS / MOTS can offer.Also at the upcoming tender for the frigate 123 Saab offers a total solution for radar obsolescence and fire control on.

you will also be involved in upgrade for the TORNADO at RWE. Further, to obtain together with the IRSI-SL another radar in the call in the context of TLVS (tactical air defense system), Saab has been brought into position with the Medium Range sensor GIRAFFE 4A. All radar from Saab are multi Role Radar, the nebs air traffic control also for counter-RAM (Counter Rocket, Artillery, and Mortar) and UAS ELSS (Enhanced Low, Slow and Small) can be used.

In January 2020 in Nuremberg moreover a EW (Electronic Warfare, ELOKA) center of Excellence open, Along with the move of Saab Medav Technologies. Saab stressed that this should not be in competition with German industry, but together.

was also shown a proposal for NNbS (local and long-range protection), as a vehicle to Boxer base with RBS 70NG and GIRAFFE 1X (100 km range). (Photo: Saab)

A proposal has been demonstrated for NNbS (Local and long-range protection) vehicle on BOXER Base with RBS and 70NG GIRAFFE 1X (100 km sensor Range and 9km effector Range) as cooperation with the possible general contractor Rheinmetall. The vehicle is the air defense ensure in the movement, and thus close the capability gap, since the Phasing out consists of cheetahs. According to Saab one vehicle per companies would be conceivable for example, thanks to the BOXER driving module it could follow the highly mobile combat troops everywhere.

AREXIS provides ELOKA skills in frequency ranges VHF / UHF and L / S-band. (Photo: Saab)

Also new to the portfolio of AREXIS to Eletcronic AttackJammer, a Pod come for aircraft. Thanks to him are offensive missions in a Anti-Access Area denial (A2AD) Environment are possible. AREXIS provides ELOKA skills in frequency ranges VHF / UHF and L / S-band. The exact frequencies can be specified by the customer. The technology is already used for some time, for example, firmly integrated in Saab GRIPEN. In future, it will also be available as pos solution. Soon the first test / demo shouldnstrationsstart flights.

André Forkert