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The few years ago threatened by the retirement ground attack aircraft A-10 is now to be used until the early 2030s into it. In order to increase the combat effectiveness of the aircraft, the aircraft will be retrofitted with new technology, said Air Force spokeswoman Alexi Worley on 12 September. These include new engines, a new, high-resolution cockpit display, a fault-protected GPS system, a more powerful communications equipment including Link-16 and a three-dimensional all-audio system, which contributes to the situational awareness of the pilot.

Finally, the A-10 may lead GBU-39 SDB precision bombs of 110 Kilo-class future. Due to the compact size of this ammunition can be performed per wing anchor point up to four GBU-39 - so far the A-10 can carry only one bomb per anchor point. Guiding the GBU-39 will allow the A-10 to combat per use up to eighteen fixed or movable targets in up to 40 nautical miles with bombs, before the aircraft is transitioning to low flight to remaining destinations with the 30-mm destroying Gatling.

The US Air Force currently has 281 Erdkampfmaschinen. The technological upgrading is to ensure cooperative use with aircraft of the fifth generation technology (especially with the F-35).

Sidney E. Dean