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In Queensland, construction began on the Rheinmetall Competence Center for Military Vehicles (Military Vehicle Center of Excellence, MILVEHCOE). In the procurement contract for the 211 CRV Boxer, Rheinmetall undertook to involve domestic industry extensively. The MIVEHCOE will be the center of the regional hub for the production of vehicles and employ up to 450 people. Supported by technology transfer from the parent company in Germany, Rheinmetall Defense Australia (RDA) is to complete the majority of the boxers and deliver them to the armed forces and integrate Australian companies into the Rheinmetall supply chain. The MILVEHCOE is scheduled to go into operation in 2020, in time for the planned delivery of the first Boxer CRV.

Author: Gerhard Heiming

Rheinmetall Kompetenzzentrum in Australien