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Der Verteidigungsausschuss hat gestern die 25-Mio-Euro-Vorlage zur Beschaffung von 38 Kampfflugzeugen Eurofighter passieren lassen. Heute befasst sich der Haushaltsausschuss mit der Vorlage. Dann kann der Beschaffungsvertrag mit einem Volumen von 5,5 Milliarden Euro mit der Eurofighter GmbH abgeschlossen werden.

As part of the Quadriga project, the Eurofighters in Tranche 1 are to be replaced by 38 newbuildings, the most important feature of which will be the new active phased array radar (AESA) E-Scan Mk 1. The procurement contract will include seven two-seaters and 26 single-seaters with the option for five more single-seaters. The first aircraft in Tranche 3B could be delivered in 2023/2024. A possible production rate was given as around ten aircraft per year.

The E-Scan Mk1 is the focus of a major upgrade of the existing Eurofighter fleet. 110 German Eurofighters of tranches 2 and 3 are to be equipped with the AESA radar from 2023 and thus receive a considerably increased reconnaissance and fire conductivity and be enabled for electronic countermeasures. The procurement contract was concluded in June 2020.

Eurofighter GmbH is a joint venture between the German and Spanish Airbus Defense and Space (46%), BAE Systems (33%) and Leonardo (21%).

Gerhard Heiming