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The ACV-30 combat variant of the amphibious combat vehicle (ACV), with which the US Marine Corps is equipped, receives a remote-controlled turret from the Protector series. The armament is a 30 mm Mk44 Bushmaster automatic cannon, which is accompanied by a 7.62 mm machine gun.

This turret, the MCT-30, is the first 30mm remotely controlled turret qualified and in service in the U.S. He has precise firepower for wheeled and tracked vehicles. It uses a medium caliber cannon with linkless ammunition and has multi-user functionality for a range of platforms.

The manufacturer Kongsberg will deliver a tower for trial integration and performance tests in early 2021. A total of 150 MCT-30s have been ordered for delivery from 2022.

The US Army has been using the MCT-30 tower on Stryker combat vehicles since 2018, which are stationed in Germany under the name Dragoon.

The US Marine Corps' ACV program is designed for 458 vehicles in four variants. In addition to the 150 ACV-30 combat vehicles mentioned above, the procurement of 204 ACV-P troop transports, 29 ACV-C command vehicles and 39 ACV-R recovery vehicles is planned.

The ACV is manufactured by BAE Systems, who developed the vehicle together with Iveco on the basis of Iveco's Super AV.

Gerhard Heiming