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That the originality of the Thuringian CDU now the end of the party chairman Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer einleutet, is a remarkable byproduct of the current political storm that has moved from Erfurt to Berlin. Yes, it may be that Kramp-Karrenbauer do not share the apparent fraying to the right and to the left in the Union. The pressure by such fraying increasing rather to remain as steadfast, is uncomfortable and does not appeal to everyone. This obviously costs more encouragement than expected. This is a political signal must get. But it has also violated another principle: The national associations are autonomous in their policies, and have the Thuringian party chairman from Berlin too clearly shown. In this complex situation you really have to consider where their own threshold of pain when a fight is promising. Kramp-Karrenbauer has already shown in the Saarland that it grows in crises. Who knows what brings her the future?

Rolf Clement is editor of the European Security & Technology

The presence is not only party chairman but also defense minister. What does all this mean for this office? First: All who have set in the Ministry too visible to only short term this the Minister, have to rethink. And as they probably will not be chancellor, much to suggest that it remains minister. There they can again catch up after an image Valley quickly. But they just put signals on the alliance military meeting a week ago. Here, however, it must deliver.

Your security policy proposals in recent months have an effect: you have just broken up deadlocked discussions. So far she could with the authority of a party chairman. Now this authority is missing. This has, that one can discuss substantive proposals on their advantage. So far, the rejection of their ideas of political opponents was like to operate and quick to patch to the party chairman on stuff. It has, however, they must also bring the disadvantage of the backing from the CDU until the new party leader. This can lead to less discussion joy. It therefore has two sides, and is that right, you only know if you know her successor in the party.

Rolf Clement