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On Monday, 16 December 2019 began in the port of Cherbourg, the loading of the first three ordered from CMN (Constructions mécaniques de Normandie, Cherbourg) patrol boats of the type HSI 32 for the Saudi Navy on sailing under the Liberian flag cargo ship "Maliy BS" transport to Saudi Arabia. In July 2019 the launching took two boats (Hullnummer 315 and 316) in the presence of a delegation of the Saudi Navy instead (ESuT reported).

The 600 million US dollars (538.6 million euro) estimated contract closed in 2018 after long negotiations, provides for the sale of 39 of these high-speed patrol boats to the Wahhabi kingdom. In the marketed already in Mozambique and Angola Type HSI 32 is 32-meter aluminum boats that can reach a speed of almost 50 knots. The Saudi version has as its main weapon, a remote-controlled 20-mm cannon narwhal the French group Nexter. Your Sea endurance should be three days. They are designed for 12-man crew. 21 will be built in Cherbourg, 18 in Saudi Arabia (at shipyards of Zamil Group (Dammam and Jeddah), with the CMN, a cooperation agreement was concluded.

CMN, a subsidiary of Privinvest Shipbuilding Group (one of which also German Naval Yards Kiel), this project will ensure, together with the former intended for Lebanon, then picked up by Saudi Arabia construction of three offshore patrol vessels of the La Combattante FS 56 (whose reclassification on Corvette type BR 71 is in the room) for the next three to four years full order.

Annotation. "Maliy BS" was on January 8 Northeast continuously in the Gulf of Aden.

Hans Uwe Mergener