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ES & T: Mr. Kröning, you can briefly explain the corporate structure of CAE?

Kröning: We consist of three divisions: Civil, Defense & Security and Healthcare. Last year, we have multi-discipline trained more than 135,000 pilots and pilots. In Germany, we are represented with one exception, on all airborne platforms of the armed forces. supports CAE Healthcare and improves the training of health professionals, but also by first responder forces.

Niels Kröning is Managing Director of CAE Elektronik GmbH (Photo: CAE)

ES & T: The group has grown steadily in recent years. As this is expressed in numbers?

Kröning: We have recorded a growth of 30 percent in new orders in Germany recently. Global CAE impressed with its portfolio in the last financial year with sales growth of 18 percent compared to last year. The development of our share price over the past year has been extremely positive. The total shareholder return (earnings per share) is 13 percent increased compared to the last two financial years. Also in the development of our headcount figures, globally more than 9,000 in Germany and now has 500, this development reflects.

ES & T: What role does the German CAE Elektronik GmbH as part of the overall group?

Kröning: Germany is an important market in our Europe / Africa. CAE Germany was the first establishment outside Canada nearly 60 years ago. We are convinced that we can also belong to score a global player as a German company in the defense and security sector with a significant local value creation, but it is. Our customer focus has always distinguished us what is also true for the CAE companies in other regions and countries. The experience that we as a global training provider, can offer more than 2,000 instructors, even here in Germany, among others, is unique. The experience that we gather here in the region, as well as going back to the CAE group. I feel the absolute support of the group.

ES & T: In what areas CAE is working with the army?

Kröning: We operate as a provider of products and services in all branches of the armed forces, with emphasis on the flying systems. Which does not mean that we want to leave it at that. We support the Bundeswehr as a comprehensive training provider and provide answers to the two main problem areas of the armed forces: the lack of staff and budget pressure.

ES & T: What does it mean when CAE developed by the supplier of simulators for training systems integrator?

Kröning: Our cooperation is long on the supply of training equipment and training on the classic simulator also. We are a provider of integrated training solutions. The simulator is an important element in the education chain, but our portfolio also includes constructive training. The next step is to include live training for the German customers, as we offer it globally, including in our training center in Dothan, Alabama, or with the NATO Flying Training in Canada, other armed forces. We still have to face the question of what is core in the armed forces and which services can be delivered to the industry. As a global provider of integrated training solutions, we see even greater potential here, just to support the armed forces to prepare their personnel optimally to critical missions by ensuring the best possible education.

ES & T: Marc-Olivier Sabourin, CAE's Vice President and General Manager for Europe and Africa, looks specifically for the German market new opportunities and business. What are they?

Kröning: The dots training systems integration and live training we have already seen. In addition, I also refer you always like to reference projects outside Germany in the region. Look at our training center for the Swedish Navy, which is more than impressive. Of course, is also the CAST (Command and Staff Training) is a building block that we want to develop. Much but the topic will be networking. So the network of simulators, constructive elements and aircraft - including with other platforms and armed forces across. If we continue to think about here in the direction of Mission Rehearsal, we answer our view, not only today, but in particular, the requirements of Bunderwehr of tomorrow.

Interview by Ulrich race.