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The first boxer for the Australian Program Country 400 Phase 2 has left the production halls of Rheinmetall in Kassel. Numerous representatives of the government and the Australian forces took the opportunity to inspect the vehicle before the voyage to Australia goes on there.

In Australia, the final outfitting of the vehicle takes place, inter alia, with the communication and Computeraustattung the Australian Defense Forces, a remote-controlled weapon station and the camouflage paint in the colors of the Australian Army. The handover of the first boxers to the troops is planned for later this year.

Australia has ordered in August 2018 a total of 211 boxers worth 2.1 billion euros at Rheinmetall. 133 thereof are as Combat Reconnaissance Vehicle equipped with the Lance-tower system Rheinmetall, which has a 30 mm cannon and is suitable for Shooting of Airburst ammunition.

The first 25 vehicles will be produced in Germany. The remaining 186 boxers are produced in Australia along with 40 Australian companies in Australia and assembled. Rheinmetall has had to Brisbane / Queensland its own competence center (Military Vehicle Center of Excellence, MILVEHCOE) arise in which takes place especially the sequence control and coordination, as well as parts of the production and final finishing. The completion of the production of the Boxer is scheduled for the 2026th

Gerhard Heiming