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In its coalition agreement published today, the traffic light coalition of the SPD, Greens and Liberals has committed itself to the procurement of armed drones to protect soldiers. Furthermore, the acquisition of a successor system for the tornado is to begin at the beginning of the legislative period. The procurement and certification process for nuclear participation is to be accompanied objectively and conscientiously by the future government, as stated in the contract.

In general, the Bundeswehr should be capable of national and alliance defense as well as foreign missions. According to the traffic light parties, it should be equipped as reliably as possible in terms of personnel, material and finances in accordance with this order. In the long term, three percent of the gross domestic product should be spent on international action, i.e. foreign, development and defense policy. The commitments entered into towards NATO are to be fulfilled.

In addition, the coalition wants to create measures to increase the attractiveness of the service in the Bundeswehr in order to make it demographically stable and sustainable. The minimum age for the service is to be increased from 17 to 18 years.

In addition, service and labor law is to be adapted so that extremists can be removed from service immediately.

Ampelparteien wollen bewaffnete Drohnen und Tornadonachfolgesystem beschaffen
Ampelparteien wollen bewaffnete Drohnen und Tornadonachfolgesystem beschaffen

As a lesson from the Afghanistan mission, the plan of the new coalition is to be seen that every mission is preceded by the development of possible exit strategies. In addition, the entire mission is to be evaluated by a commission of inquiry and the evacuation mission at the end of the mission is to be processed by a parliamentary committee of inquiry.

It is still unclear who will be the owner of the authority in the future. So far it is only certain that the SPD will probably take over the defense department.

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