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The most important goal of the protected and armored combat vehicles is basic occupant protection in order to guarantee the integrity of the soldiers.

The Bundeswehr's current missions abroad are characterized by an increasing and constantly changing asymmetrical threat. This type of threat is a conflict of the kind known from the Middle East, among others. Here, regular armed forces and irregular forces - armed terrorist attackers - face each other.

Threat spectrum

In particular, hand-held anti-tank weapons of the Russian design (Rocket Propelled Grenades, RPG) pose a considerable risk. For this reason, the protection of vehicles must be specially adapted to the circumstances of an asymmetrical conflict.

Schutzsysteme für Landplattformen – Sachstand und Entwicklungen
MUST (multifunctional self-protection system) on the Puma infantry fighting vehicle (Photo: BAAINBw)

When designing a vehicle and its protection system, it is therefore necessary to precisely analyze the specified threat spectrum in advance. This is done using scenario-based threat analyzes. The possible threats are filtered out from the various threat scenarios in order to be able to use them to design the necessary protection for a vehicle.

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