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After Australian media reports published on January 14 report by the Australian National Audit Office (ANAO) on the state procurement of twelve submarines Attack class worried about cost, performance and delivery time stoking.

It follows that the program is currently in the design phase (design phase), a delay of nine months compared to the preliminary estimates. Two key contractual milestones (review of the concept studies and system requirements) have been extended. As a result, or could the Australian Defense Department's cash outflows (of € 396 million for the design) does not make the deadline.

The overall assessment of the risk by the Ministry of Defense was "high". There were, the ANAO in the report indicate taken measures to reduce risks that affect the long-term partnership with Naval Group.

A relationship that is located in a relatively young stage. Australia and France signed a strategic partnership, the 12 submarines Attack 'class stands in the center of the contract to build the in Canberra on February 11 of 2019. With then contract a long and tough struggle for the replacement of the six Collins-class submarines of the Royal Australian Navy came to an end. Naval Group was able to prevail (80 billion AU $) against Japanese, Swedish, Spanish and German competition in which around 49.5 billion euro business (ESuT reported).

The first submarine HMAS, Attack 'will run according to the current state in 2034, intends to three years later than earlier. The Collins-class submarine is now to expire from the 2036th

Australia expects a know-how transfer and job retention in a heavily battered shipyard landscape - around 2,500 - 3,000 jobs were reported at the time. Almost 200 Australian suppliers have been pre-qualified (based in Adelaide) for the program with the Naval Group Australia.
In October 2019, the Paris-based company announced the launch of the Naval Group Pacific, responsible for the commercial development and R & D activities in Australia and New Zealand, based in Sydney known. Naval Group Pacific reported in December 2019 with the signing of nine different Memoranda of Understanding (MoUs) with the Australian company's first successes. This involves Canto®, a system of countermeasures against torpedoes for submarines and surface ships of the Royal Australian Navy.

The present publication has the discussion about cost-effectiveness of the submarines and their possible alternatives (including examination relating to the purchase of the rod of the Barracuda-class nuclear-drive (also, Naval Group) weapons and electronics from the US) kindled.

Hans Uwe Mergener