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Of the four invited to the competition bidders have three - BAE Systems CV90 with, GDELS with ASCOD and Rheinmetall with Lynx KF41 - submitted their first bids for the replacement of obsolete Soviet BVP-2 in the Czech army.

The PSM Projekt System & Management has decided not to offer the Puma infantry fighting, as could be adapted from a business perspective, the Puma with a costly conversion to the requirements. This justification published the Czech Ministry of Defense.

After evaluation of the offers, the competitors will be invited in the near future to submit a final offer.

Czech Republic wants to acquire around 210 infantry combat vehicles and has planned for just under two billion euros. The vehicles are - are produced in the Czech Republic - at least partially. While BAE Systems and GDELS for partner companies want to participate in the country, Rheinmetall has begun to recruit staff for his own production company.

Gerhard Heiming