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From 2020 the eleven introduced from 1982 patrol boats are decommissioned 80 in Switzerland. The inlet of the 14 new, road transport suitable patrol boats 16 has begun.

By early 2021 the renewal of the small fleet should be completed on the Swiss lakes. (Photo: Shiptec AG)

New boats of the type "Watercat 1250 Patrol" by the Finnish manufacturer Alutech Marine OY AB have a transport capacity of 15 people. Striking (via the radar addition), the weapon station (Kongsberg) on ​​the deckhouse with integrated infrared and thermal imaging device, the negatively sloped front wheels and the retractable tailgate. Hull and superstructure are not armored. The fully automatic machine gun 12.7 mm can be operated by joystick from the helm. The drive with two Volvo Penta diesel engines is to enable a maximum speed of 35 knots (63 kilometers per hour). Initial tests were satisfactory - one reached 75 hours kilometers.

Tasks of the motor boat company 10

The protection of border sections on water, monitoring of lakes and rivers that support the Border Guard and civilian police organizations under subsidiary fuse links and the very general support of troops of the army in tasks on and around the water - are the duties of the Motorboat Company 10, the commander of the teachers association genius / Recovery / ABC reports to the Swiss army directly. In this limited military forces and civilians can be transported. Rescue of persons and property recovery are part of the patrol activity on the federal inland waters.

procurement controversial

According to the Master Plan 14 of the Swiss Army, the motor boat company should be dissolved. Drones and five boats of the Customs Service should assume their responsibilities. Probably as a result of the decision (a referendum in May 2014) against the Swedish Gripen (fighter) can continue to live "Swiss Navy" and even grow. The procurement organization for armaments of the Federal Department of Defense, Civil Protection and Sports (VBS) armasuisse awarded the contract for the construction of 14 new patrol boats 16 within the Armament Program 2016. Including logistics and infrastructure investment looks for procuring a volume of 49 million Swiss francs (nearly 45 million euros - as of September 2019) before.

Five international companies were invited to submit an offer. armasuisse was the invitation to a trial "on the living object". Bringing one of two competitors eliminated. Swiss boat builders found themselves at a disadvantage, as the procurement agency denied them the experience with the integration of weapons systems. A compromise was found that six boats for the main contractor Marine Alutech Oy Ab in Tejo (Finland) is now assembled and equipped finished in Switzerland. Eight boats produced in Lucerne at the shipyard Shiptec AG from a supplied shell. Thus, a large proportion can be made added value in Switzerland.

After the successful verification and declaration of suitability troops in July 2018, the series was commissioned. The production of the first new boats started afterwards. a construction period of three months is estimated per boat. The first boat was presented in February 2019 the SuisseNautic in Bern to the public.

Since her baptism in mid-June now four boats sailing under the name "Venus", "Uranus", "Saturn" and "Antares" on Swiss waters. You are immediately used to recruit school the boot shooters. In November 2019, a train engine boat company can attend with them his refresher course.

By early 2021 the renewal of the small fleet should be completed on the Swiss lakes.

data sheet

Manufacturer Marine Alutech Oy Ab, Teijo, Finnland


Type Watercat 1250 Patrol
LOA 13.50 meters
Width 3.70 meters
Height 4.80 meters (measured from the water line to the top of the mast)
weight empty 9 tons
weight loaded 10 tons
Motor Volvo Penta D6-400 DPH
Capacity 5.5 liters
power 294 kW / 400 hp
drive Propeller (Volvo Z-Antriebe, Duo-Prop)


crew 3-5 (commander, Navigator, helmsman, radio operators, contactors)
of transportation up to 15 soldiers

Hans Uwe Mergener