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The Gebirgsjäger- and infantry troops of the French army will receive new rain suits with Gore Micro Grid Backer technology.

About 12,000 infantry and 8,000 mountain troops are to receive the new, lightweight, durable, waterproof and extremely breathable Gore-Tex wet suit. It is manufactured by the renowned Associates clothing manufacturers Grassi on the basis of the functional textile technology from WL Gore &. It is designed for use in high alpine regions as well as Mediterranean climate conditions. The suit is suitable for many different tasks with various equipment configurations. Maximum freedom of movement and comfort are key features.

More comfort and robustness

The new Gore-Tex Wet Weather Suit consists of jacket and over trousers and based on the Gore Micro Grid Backer technology. Here, a very thin, feinfädiges, yet extremely robust polyamide fabric with an open lattice structure is on the inside of the three-layer Gore-Tex laminate used. This technology is highly abrasion resistant and prevents thread puller - the inside of the suit is thus more resistant to rough surfaces. The inner side also slides easily over worn underneath clothing layers, thereby facilitating the tightening of the jacket and the carrier can move more freely and more comfortable. In addition, these textile technology allows a lower weight. The new rain suit weighs about 30 percent less than the previously worn by the soldiers suit. Less weight means less volume so that the suit is small and can be optimally packaged.

The Gore-Tex membrane is permanently waterproof and highly breathable. The upper material aspirates little water. To avoid heat stress as possible, the physiologically optimized product technology supports the dissipation of heat and moisture from the body. It also protects against various liquids and commercially available chemicals such as diesel, oil and lubricants. The lasting durability of the membrane is ensured even when the material is bent at very cold temperatures. Weather protection clothing with Gore Micro Grid Backer technology combines the benefits of increased performance and improved comfort.

Reinforcements at the bottom of the pant legs to protect against abrasion, for example, by the ski boots of mountain troops. (Photo: WL Gore & Associates)

The new Gore-Tex Wet Weather Suit provides the soldiers of the mountain infantry and infantry beyond an optimized design and improved usability. The clothing can be quickly put on and take off, it adapts easily to individual needs and allows freedom of movement. The jacket closes with flap with a waterproof zipper. Openings on the front allow access to the Uniform bags that offer personal documents or the smartphone space, while ensuring good ventilation. The hood can be stowed in the collar, sleeves and hem are adjustable in length. On and off the diaper cover is facilitated by zippers on both sides. The three-point braces are easily adjustable by velcro. Reinforcements at the bottom of the pant legs to protect against abrasion, for example, by the ski boots of mountain troops. Damaged areas can be repaired using a repair kit for Gore-Tex fabrics.

Successful field tests

So that the rain suit offers a high level of functionality, flexibility and comfort. And because it keeps the life cycle costs are also very low. Mountaineer have successfully tested the suits before the procurement already in mountain terrain in cold weather and high physical activity. The soldiers of the infantry have tested the protective suits in action using weapons vehicles etc.. Thus, the best performance of the soldiers is guaranteed regardless of weather and operating conditions.

Jan-Phillipp Weisswange