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Already 2016 has been drawn in the planning department of the Bundeswehr (PlgABw) CPM document capability gap and Functional requirement (FFF) for the active agent 1800+. The end of June should the Federal Office of equipment, information technology and use of the Bundeswehr (BAAINBw) begin contract negotiations. A contract could therefore take place by the end of 2019, after Parliament has addressed the end of the third / early fourth quarter. As a series, there will be three lots á 1,000 weapons, plus test and certification weapons. Sole intended users are the special forces, above all the Special Forces Command (KSK).

The project started in 2011 with the idea and development of such a weapon. Basis were the experiences of the KSK in Afghanistan. There, the soldiers had no suitable active agents against asymmetrical forces and their guns at around 2,000 m (SMGS (.50) from positions or pick-ups). A close air support or angle fire was not always available. The experience of the other allies showed that was used in such scenarios most commonly a weapon to fight distances up to 2,000 m - specifically in the US and UK, the JAVELIN (max. Range 4 km).

called for a portable, high-precision weapon that can fight at 2 km to a steered shot the objectives mentioned and minimizing the risk of collateral damage. The user initially claiming only the Tagkampffähigkeit, over time, but always new demands have been added, including the night fighting capability. To meet this demand, a second detector (IR) had to be integrated. the family thought with the already introduced Dynamit Nobel Defense (DND) active agent was pursued also 90 (WiMi 90) and the Feuerleitvisiers used there (FLV) Hensoldt DYNAHAWK.

intended as targets unarmored and lightly armored vehicles (in the movement), simple infrastructure, enemy shooters can be fought behind cover and goals in buildings.


MBDA ENFORCER that can meet 100 percent of the claims, according to MBDA Germany, is considered a prime candidate for selection as an effective means 1800+. When ENFORCER the warhead of the TDW Society for defense technical action mbH comes. The ENFORCER uses the FLV DYNAHAWK, but not the integrated ballistic because it is not needed for the Verschuss the guided missile. MBDA refers to the modular design of the weapon and that therefore can very easily and quickly implement a family thought. Thus, the ENFORCER with another warhead would be upgraded quickly to armor weapon. In another application, and with another warhead (Semi-Active Laser), the missile could also achieve longer ranges, so MBDA. The 2,000 m lays the ENFORCER back in about 12 seconds of flight time. The missile in the launching device brings about 9 kg with it, the entire system is about 12 kg. MBDA also provides integration with weapons stations, UAVs and Rails for aircraft or the LUH (Light Utility Helicopter).

The demand for precision is not disclosed by MBDA, but demo videos show a highly accurate, direct and central items on a 2 x 2 m target at 1500 m - even with moving targets. MBDA is the capabilities of the ENFORCER as follows:

  • Range 2000 m +
  • Fire-and-forget system
  • Passive 24-ability
  • Lock On Before Launch (Lobl)
  • Maximum precision over the entire range
  • Multi-effect warhead with multimode detonator
  • Airburst capability (air blasting point)
  • Use of enclosed spaces
  • One-man operation

For demonstration purposes MBDA has on VR-based scenarios (Lake Country) developed. Even if not requested by the customer, this could be the basis for a later (initial) training and training equipment. The customer demands so far only the integration into the training device shooting simulator hand weapons/Antitank hand weapons (AGSHP) Thales Defense Germany GmbH. In addition to the required goals, aircraft can be controlled at low levels, according to MBDA. So in the simulation and helicopters are presented. The multi-effect warhead can be adjusted by the shooter. Choose from EFP (explosively formed projectiles), and the natural and defined fragmentation.

According to Office of army development, the operating agent 1800+ is currently intended for use in the special forces and not in the infantry. Here at present would be no need. but the industry expects a growing interest there as soon as the gun is introduced and be the first experience of the troops. This applies not only to the German infantry, but also for foreign customers. By 2020, the qualification is planned, with commissioning from 2021. The series delivery would take place until the 2026th

In addition to the ENFORCER course also come competing products into account. It is known that Euro Spike has also expressed interest in the tender with a variant of Rafael SPIKE SR (Short Range). Within the company, this customized SR variant is also called MELLS 2000+.

André Forkert