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The Puma IFV, which is currently being introduced as modernster armored personnel carrier in the armed forces, not in the competition as part of the Australian Procurement Program Country 400 Phase 3 part.

Australien fordert für den zu beschaffenden Schützenpanzer explizit einen bemannten Turm. Daher hat sich der Hersteller PSM (Joint Venture aus Rheinmetall und Krauss-Maffei Wegmann) entschieden, das australische Beschaffungsprogramm nicht weiter zu verfolgen.

In a press statement PSM has pointed out that the remote-control tower of the Puma enables the tower operator from the highly protected Chassis in non-exposed position and thus contribute to the survivability of the crew. He was smaller and lighter; won space and weight could be used in the overall system, for example, to improve protection.

Gerhard Heiming