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Raytheon has completed the demonstrator of a radar to be used as Lower Tier Air and Missile Defense Sensor (LTAMDS) for the air defense system Patriot. This first radar installation was completed in just 120 days after the order is placed by the US Army. To accelerate the manufacturing new construction techniques was used to cover the urgent needs of the US Army.

The LTAMDS is a radar next generation based on gallium nitride technology. The AESA technology (active electronically scanned array) allows simultaneous operation for 360-degree all-round continuous monitoring of the battle field. With the same size as the previous Patriot primary radar the LTAMDS offers double the performance. In particular, the new radar new threats can discover how hypersonic weapons, track, thus allowing the reduction.

After extensive testing by the US Army, the radar system to integrate and further evaluation is to be mounted in a precision machined housing. The LTAMDS is integrated into a three-axle semi-trailer and is therefore just as mobile as the remaining portions of the Patriot system, including air transport, for example in a C-17 Globe master.

Neues Radar für das Luftverteidigungssystem Patriot

The development contract to Raytheon comprises a total of six prototypes. After testing an initial operational capability is to be achieved 2,022th In the 15 Patriot units of the US Army 60 radars are in operation to be replaced.