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ES & T: FN Herstal is known for the production of small arms. Can you tell FN Herstals activities more?

Simon: FN Herstal ist ein weltweit bekannter Name im Bereich der Handwaffen, der seit unserer Gründung im Jahre 1889 unser Kerngeschäft ist. Im Laufe der Jahre haben wir unsere Produktpalette und unser Know-how um viele Neuerungen und Innovationen erweitert, die alle auf kleinkalibrigen Schusswaffen und der dazugehörigen Munition basieren.

The FN Expert supports shooting training from the dry training to live fire. (Photos: FN Herstal)

In FN Herstal activities in the defense and security sector of the world's growing Herstal Group are bundled. Currently, the group in more than 130 countries and operates with its workforce of approximately 2,900 employees around 800 million euros. To Herstal Group is also a hunting and marksmen company, which is operating under the brands Browning and Winchester Firearms.

ES & T: In what areas FN Herstal is just active?

Simon: Away from traditional handguns example, we have designed, developed and manufactured for the defense market a complete range of integrated weapons systems for air, land and marine applications. These include a family of remote-controlled gun-carriages and the exclusive FN M3M machine gun, a heavy MG caliber .50, which is integrated into different types of aircraft.
Recently, we have expanded our offerings and introduced a comprehensive range of products and services specifically for the official market. The range includes:
FN 303: Less Lethal a solution that has been developed to a particular kinetic energy projectile and a shoulder-or compact Less Lethal launcher around,
FN weapon family in caliber 5.7 x 28 mm, consisting of FN Five-seven pistol, submachine gun FN P90 and their ammunition,
the FN SCAR family in a wide variety for the official user-designed forms and variants and the FN Expert: a system to support the shooting training from the dry training on maneuvers ammunition to live fire.

The FN SCAR-SC is a subcompact assault rifle, which combines the compactness of a MP with the firepower of an assault rifle.

ES & T: In which business FN Herstal is with the German armed forces and government customers and they can name examples?

Simon: On the defense side, we completed lately contracts for the manufacture and supply the following products to the armed forces:
The FN FCU Mk3 fire control unit for 40 mm grenades selected system as part of the program Soldier Advanced Future.
The heavy MG caliber .50 (FN M2HB-QCB and FN M3M) with their ammunition can be found on many vehicles, aircraft and boats / ships of the Bundeswehr again.

In the official sector, we can on recently concluded agreements for the supply of the FN SCAR rifles point. Apart from that we participate in the current tender several other states.
To emphasize we want our explicit FN 303 Less Lethal solution. It is really effective and is in many situations with which police consider currently facing the world, an indispensable complement to traditional service weapons.

ES & T: These are direct transactions with government agencies or products are delivered as a subcontractor?

Simon: As well ... as. Our three most important and unique customer segments are the Department of Defense, the Interior Ministries at the federal and state levels and general contractor of the defense industry, for which we act as subcontractors. The civilian sector is not one of FN Herstals clientele.

The interview was Waldemar Geiger.