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The new version 2.0 of the VS diode from genua has again been approved by the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) for the SECRET level, as the network security specialist has announced. In addition, the data diode has received BSI approval for the NATO SECRET and SECRET UE / EU SECRET degrees, writes genua. The current version also supports the encrypted file transfer protocol FTPS and offers a higher data transfer rate of up to three Gbit / s.

According to genua’s description, the VS diode consists of two Application Level Gateways (ALG) - each for the black and red network - and a one-way middle section in between. This only copies data from black to red. In the opposite direction, it only signals whether the data has arrived correctly on the opposite side. This transmission message enables rapid data transmission without redundant and slow transmission. The communication between the red and black ALG takes place via TCP or UDP.

A neuralgic interface that attackers target is data transmission from so-called “black” networks that are classified as low in terms of security, to “red” networks classified as SECRET - for example when receiving e-mails, when transmitting video and Radar data or when uploading current patterns for anti-virus systems. The vs-diode enables the operation of black networks with open information and red networks with classified information on one and the same hardware.

Neue Version der vs-diode von genua vom BSI zugelassen

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