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The US Army has more 168 combat value-added Bradley infantry fighting vehicle version M2A4 ordered. The contract is an extension of an existing contract with BAE Systems with an additional contract worth 244 million euros.

The product improvement of the Bradley infantry fighting vehicle on the armament level A4 is part of the modernization strategy of the US Army for combat vehicles and contributes to the operational availability of the Armored Brigade Combat Team (ABCT) at.

The Bradley A4 is equipped with an improved drive train of the engine power and thus improves the mobility of the IFV Incr. Other features include: a wide-angle vision enhancement system for the driver and the improved XXI Battle Command Bridge and Below (FBCB2) software for improved identification friend or foe and better situational awareness. Even a high-speed slip ring, a better network connectivity and intelligent displays - are the same classified and non-classified information - improve situational awareness and are part of the upgrade.

"The upgrade of the A4 configuration provides the soldiers more power and higher speed as well as the integration of new technologies that they will maintain the superiority on the battlefield to ensure," said Scott Davis, vice president of program type combat vehicle at BAE Systems.

In a first order, the US Army had already ordered a first batch of 164 Bradley A4 combat vehicles. With the new order, the total value of the contract rises to EUR 524 million. A total of two Bradley variants are built: the M2A4 Infantry Fighting Vehicle and the M7A4 Fire Support Team Vehicle (observation tank). The order volume includes a spare parts package in addition to the modernization.

André Forkert