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every affair needs a victim? The so-called consultants affair has seen many newspaper rows and online news filled. Are consulting contracts have been awarded the Ministry of Defense also through personal contacts? Since identification and phylogenetic relationships were then lit, and there has been speculation strong.

Into the fire of such speculation also came Lieutenant General Eberhard Buhler, longtime head of the planning department, which was to go to the beginning as commander of the Joint Force Command Brunssum JFC after, for the next three years. in an online service since an article appeared that he may be involved in this affair. The swirling dust.

This dust settled, however, quickly, because it was to prove at least nothing. The article disappeared within a few days again from the network. One would have thought that the matter was settled.

Not even close. The Defense Department first asked NATO and the Italian government about the service of Buhler's predecessor, an Italian General, would be extended, had testified to Buhler to the inquiry. Then it was that he should not go more to Brunssum. Protested behind the scenes, the SPD. Buhler was adjutant of the SPD Minister Scharping and Struck and is close to the SPD as.

Well, they agreed on one - apparent - compromise: Buhler goes Brunssum, but only for eight months. Even if he would be "acquitted", but he could not stay there. To cement this, the federal government has now named the current army inspector Vollmer as the successor to Buhler. It was clear: Buhler is only for eight months there.

It was not tragic, it said in the Defense Ministry, the Italians had also divided the term of office of their general: Half-time came another. Except that in NATO is very frowned upon. There is always critical comments when something like this happens. Whoever is among critics: Germany.

Now the Ministry of Defense sent a general to NATO, which is already on arrival Lame Duck, which is also posted yet by the affair, although perhaps nothing is off, and his successor is established, so that rehabilitation is impossible. a procedure is to a up to this point highly traded and valued General? He has the fourth star for eight months, yes, but then he goes home - with a three-star guest house. Because until that's pension-capable, the two years that he needs, he does not get more full. This is a treatment that you do not want.

The general is struck, the principles of internal leadership are injured and NATO angry!

But the thing has another side: Why does Buhler with that? This question put some of his comrades. He would have to also ask for his retirement.

Affairs need victims. In this case, this is a very transparent pawn - and thus a good example of how it should not be running.

Author: Rolf Clement