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The combat aircraft weapons system support team has been accompanying the further development of the Eurofighter and Tornado combat aircraft for many years. It has its hands full - despite or because of the age of the systems?

The combat aircraft weapon system support team was commissioned in 2014 as the successor organization to the combat aircraft support team.

His main tasks are the technical, logistical and operational support for the development of the Eurofighter and Tornado weapon systems. In addition, operational tests are carried out to ensure that new hardware and software are suitable for use by the troops, and finally the air force units are supported in the introduction of the operational products. For this purpose, the team has both technical and flight personnel and is thus able to cover all aspects of use and deployment scenarios of the respective weapon system equally.

Das Waffensystemunterstützungsteam Kampfflugzeuge
A weapons system officer in a tornado cockpit equipped with ASSTA 3.1 (Photo: Bundeswehr / Oliver Pieper)

In the case of airborne weapon systems, however, development and introduction support are not completed with the initial introduction. Due to the many decades of use, components and subsystems of the aircraft must be continuously adapted to the current state of the art. Obsolescence or new international standards lead to the need for new developments, new sensors and weapons must be integrated or the effects of a software change on the overall system must be examined. The general goal is the constant improvement of the combat aircraft over their entire service life.

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