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Mehrzweck-Lenkflugkörpersystem MMP von MBDA tauglich für den Winterkampf

Die französische Beschaffungsbehörde DGA und das französische Heer haben Anfang 2019 eine Testreihe gestartet, um das Mehrzweck-Lenkflugkörpersystem Missile Moyenne Porteé (Rakete mittlerer Reichweite, MMP) unter extremen Winterbedingungen zu erproben. Die Schießversuche erfolgten auf dem schwedischen Schießplatz bei Vidsel nahe dem Polarkreis. Bei Temperaturen zwischen -15°C und -30 °C erwiesen sich die Schießtage als voller Erfolg, […]

General death D. Wolters on the way to SACEUR

General (US Air Forces) Tod D. Wolters ist zum Oberbefehlshaber Europa vorgeschlagen. Der 59-Jährige ist der bisherige kommandierende General der United States Air Forces Europe,  United States Air Forces Africa, des NATO Allied Air Command, Ramstein sowie Direktor des Joint Air Power Competence Centre, Kalkar. Neben Führungs- und Stabspositionen (u.a. im Büro des ‚Secretary of […]

US-Flugzeugträgerflotte schrumpft

Das Pentagon hat enschieden, die Flugzeugträgerflotte von elf Schiffen auf künftig zehn Schiffe zu reduzieren. Daher soll der Flugzeugträger USS “Harry S Truman” (CVN 75) der “Nimitz”-Klasse, der 1998 in Dienst gestellt wurde, nicht mehr die für 2024 geplante Midlife-Grundüberholung (u.a. Auffüllen der Reaktoren) absolvieren. Die Grundüberholung würde ca. 6,5 Milliarden Dollar kosten. Das eingesparte […]

Aimpoint provides FCS13-RE Feuerleitvisiere to the US forces

The US forces have engaged Aimpoint the delivery of fire control systems of the type FCS13-RE. They should primarily on the M3E1 MAAWS (Multi-Role Anti-Armor Anti-Personnel Weapon System) alias 84mm Carl Gustaf be used M4 made by Saab Dynamics. The FCS13-RE is a dynamic universal reflex sight with direct-view channel. It has an integrated laser rangefinder and a ballistic calculator. It [...]

Renaissance of the motorcyclist - BMW motorcycles for NATO spearhead

The panzerlehrbrigade 9 in Munster has the first 29 of 84 ordered bikes BMW GS 850 F obtained for the refurbishing of the motorcyclist. After the urgent requirement end of 2018, only three and a half months have passed to the delivery of the first machines. One reason is that the BwFuhrparkService that provides the motorcycles of the force, market-available products [...]

Operation: "Clemenceau" - French carrier group in front of foreign travel in the Asia-Pacific region

The French aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle prepares after the conclusion of the exercise, beacon 19 '(February 3 -14.), Where he his commitment in working with other French and foreign units (US destroyer Donald Cook' (Arleigh Burke class), the Spanish frigate Cristobal Colon '(F100 class), Italian, Caio Duilio' (Horizon class), which also Italian FREMM class carabiniere '), to [...]

Nerve Centr - Personal Power Management for US Marine Corps and Air National Guard

The US Marine Corps and the Air National Guard (ANG) have introduced nerve Centr power management systems Revision Military. The nerve Centr elements are operated in a carrying system to the body of the individual soldier. Based on a lithium battery, the system distributes the energy from the central battery to a plurality of consumers. The battery can be replaced in full operation [...]

US Army certified smart devices rail for hand guns

The US Army has the smart equipment rail T-Worx certified. About equipment rails - as the known Picatinny rail - accessories such as optics and Optroniken is mechanically and optically safely and quickly attached to the hand weapon. The T-Worx rail offers additional power supply to the equipment and data connections. This allows easy integration into management systems. Central power supply contributes to [...]

Aircraft tractors for A400M

When Air Transport Wing 62 in Wunstorf Aircraft rod tractors are now two Challenger 280 of Trepel for the movement of transport aircraft A400M on the runway in use. The towing vehicles provided by the BwFuhrparkService develop at a net weight of 28 t, a tensile force of 207 kN and can aircraft to 300 t weight with a maximum speed of 26 [...]

A320 KSK training

The KSK has received the discarded fuselage with wings and tail of an Airbus A320 for the training of commandos. The aircraft of an Estonian airline was no longer repairable after a crash landing. While wings and tail were transported on flatbed trucks by road from Tallinn to Calw, the hull was in one piece on the first [...]

Elephant 2 - tractor for the Bundeswehr

Rheinmetall has been commissioned by the Bundeswehr with the delivery of heavy tractor (SaZgM). Already in 2019 the first unprotected heavy trucks of the type to be delivered Elephant 2, another 31 follow 2020. The contract value of this first 32 vehicles amounts to approximately 28.5 million euros. The framework contract will run for seven years and includes an option to the [...]

H145 is new SAR helicopter

The military search and rescue (SAR) of the Bundeswehr is an institution of the armed forces for operations support. He is also part of the national search and rescue for aircraft and supports the search and rescue service. Herewith the obligations of membership in the International Civil Aviation Organization are met. Successor of the used since 1966 and manufactured by Dornier Helicopters Bell UH-1 D [...]

Lech box location for A400M

In a visit to the troops LTG 62 in Wunstorf Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen Lechfeld announced as the site for thirteen A400M, which were originally sold to other nations. With 40 planned A400M capacity of Wunstorf are exhausted. This selection means ostensibly that hereby transfers an air hub for personnel and equipment in South [...]

Heron 1 drones in Afghanistan and Mali

The Bundeswehr continues Heron 1 UAV one to educate in Afghanistan and Mali. The corresponding service contracts with Airbus DS Airborne Solutions GmbH (ADAS) has been extended from BAAINBw to mid 2020th The operators include agreements covering the whole of resources and personnel requirements to support the operation of the Israeli Heron 1 systems in both countries of operations. ADAS is responsible [...]

German Leopards get Trophy

The lack of standoff protection systems introduced for the German battle tank is a known weakness for years, which was last named by us again in January 2017 were destroyed when Turkish leopard due to this lack of protection by IS forces. Now proclaimed German representatives at the International Armored Vehicles Forum in London that this risky capability gap [...]

US expands Trophy program

Leonardo has won a contract worth around 70 million euros to supply the US Army and the US Marine Corps with additional active protection systems Trophy. In order for the contract volume grows to 175 million euros. Developed by long-time partner Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Trophy offers battle-hardened protection against missile and missile threats. The system locates [...]

the next generation of US Army combat vehicles

The US Army renewed in the years to its fleet of combat vehicles. To accelerate the development and procurement projects, the US Army has used last fall eight Cross Functional Team (CFT), one of which is the combat vehicles of the next generation (Next Generation Combat Vehicles, NGCV) cares. The small CFT coordinate as a team [...]

Reactivation of ammunition and material storage

The Bundeswehr takes a series of ammunition and material storage back into operation whose closure was planned in the recent contraction phase of the Bundeswehr or performed. Between 2020 and 2031 ammunition depots Altheim, Lorup and war field and the material storage Hardheim, Huchenfeld, Koenigswinter, Bargum and Ladelund be reactivated. starting in Koenigswinter and Lorup where 19 million [...]

Ratnik 3.0 with robotics and UAV

According to the Russian Defense Ministry will be integrated to provide more information on the battlefield to ground forces in the Russian military system of the third generation "Ratnik 3.0" portable robotic systems and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV). The equipment items under development will consist of ultra light, durable materials. In addition, exoskeletons, which are inserted into equipment sets, the [...]

Mobile Werkstattatausstattung the BwFPS in use

Her first big test experienced the workshop equipment mobile maintenance if necessary BwFPS (WSA) in the exercise "Trident Juncture 2018" in Norway. At four locations in the rehearsal room, the ESC were starting points for BwFPS vehicles and other vehicles of the Bundeswehr for repair work and to assist in the maintenance. The BwFPS personnel supported both the Bundeswehr repair and the local Norwegian [...]

First Pandur evolution in the troop

On January 14, Defense Minister Mario Kunasek has handed over the first five armored personnel carriers Pandur armored evolution of the Infantry Battalion 17 (Strasbourg). The other 29 ordered Pandur evolution are to be found in the battalion into service by mid-2020th 2017, the production of the Pandur evolution of General Dynamics European Land Systems had - Steyr begun. The new Radpanzer [...]

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