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Mission Clemenceau - France European message to the world

The 3200-strong TF 473 to the "Charles de Gaulle" has left last Tuesday, March 5 Toulon. In his luggage, the French aircraft carrier 20 "Rafale Marine," two "Hawkeye" -Luftüberwachungsflugzeugen and three helicopters (a "Caiman Marine" and two "Dauphin Pedro"). After his 18-month maintenance phase, the carrier occurs as part of the "Mission Clemenceau" his eleventh major [...]

Autonomous mine countermeasure systems

The threat of mines remains latent. This is true, although larger losses due mines already date back several years. As the "weapon of the poor" as compared with other cost weapons systems, they are in the arsenals or reservoirs of many nations and organizations. They are to spend relatively easily and without great technical and personnel requirements. For terrorist attacks [...]

asked DEU MARFOR into service - Maritimes Baltic leadership center

On January 23, 2019, the Chief of Navy, Vice Admiral Andreas Krause, in Rostock the first component of the guide center Marine, that is, put into service the German Maritime Forces Staff (DEU MARFOR). For the first time in its 60-year history now, the German navy has with the DEU MARFOR a national command staff, which with the traditional [...]

New power ambitions in the Indo-Pacific

France and Britain are planning to expand their influence in the Indo-Pacific. But the resilience of their strategic concepts is questionable. For Germany, they pose two problems. French aircraft carrier "Charles de Gaulle" is currently being prepared final to break in spring in the Indo-Pacific. The UK plans to send its new carrier "Queen Elizabeth" maiden voyage in 2021 to Asia. Paris and London want [...]

Sail training ships - so ancient and so modern - Guest Commentary March 2019

A moment of inattention and a wave picked me up from the tired legs, I slid unceremoniously on the wooden deck. A little shocked and dripping, I heard through the water in the ears, as the boatman shouted at me in the wind "All right? Then see to it sailor - on the sheet "There we moved the rope with a loud [...]

China on the road to world power - challenge the US global power

China's global economic and military rise is progressing apace. The country with over 1.3 billion people (nearly one-fifth of mankind) has reached the ascent to the second largest economy after the US (320 million inhabitants). According to all forecasts, it will overtake the US by 2032 as the strongest economy in the world. Militarily, China is the second largest [...]

Looking to America - March 2019

Biolektronische Regeneration: The Pentagon research agency DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) aims to develop bioelectronic implants that seriously wounded soldiers should have increased chances of recovery. The designed four-year research program is called RE (Bio-Electronics for tissue regeneration). "Wounds form a lively environment being transitioned quickly and frequently while cells and tissues communicate with each other [...]

Korvettenbau started - turnaround material arrived in the Navy

With the traditional start of combustion on February 7, 2019 at the Bremen Lürssen site has the working group K130 (ARGE K130), consisting of the Lürssen Werft (lead), ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems and German Naval Yards Kiel, the production of the first of five new corvettes (series 6 to 10) introduced for the German Navy. The start of combustion, ie the starting [...]

New fields of ships of the Federal Police See - Frontex mission in the Aegean

With the baptism of the first of three new ships use the name "BP 81 Potsdam" on 14 December 2018, the decisive step for the procurement of three high-sea vessels used for the Federal Police was completed lake. The commissioning of the "BP Potsdam" is provided in April of 2019. The other two ships use "BP 82 Bamberg" and "BP 83 Bad [...]

MH-60R Seahawk

The US Navy is the MH-60R Seahawk as modern maritime helicopters in the world. The MH-60R is performed on all the Littoral Combat Ship (LCS), destroyers and cruisers in the US Navy as an onboard helicopter. It is also integrated into the helicopter squadrons of aircraft carriers. The MH-60R is designed as a multipurpose helicopter. are part of the range of tasks: ASW (Anti-Submarine Warfare, ASW), antisurface (Anti-Surface [...]

Advances in air independent propulsion of submarines

The latest developments in air-independent propulsion (Air Independent Propulsion AIP) for submarines aim to extend the reach under water and the duration at low speed while reducing acoustic and thermal signature. As a result, the number of Marines equip conventional submarines with these systems is growing. AIP systems for patrolling at low speed and [...]

Diversity is our strength - The Flotilla 1 on the cutting edge

Broad-based, modern equipped and deeply linked to the multinational: The maritime contribution to Flotilla 1 capability profile of the Bundeswehr is as a blueprint of the design principles of the new conception of the Bundeswehr. The ongoing changes increasing staff numbers and additional systems including new ways for cooperation projects have a direct impact on the largest association of the Navy. [...]

Naval Technical Assurance

Improving the safety and reliability of surface ships and submarines of the Navy by the participation of a classification society. The origin of the first classification societies dates back to the 18th century. Overseas trade was flourishing, but not dangerous, and many merchant ships wrecked or lost their charge. In many cases, this was due to fatigue or insufficiently equipped vessels. [...]

Maritime Dimension of Security - Annual Report 2018 Marine Commandos

The annual report 2018 "Facts and figures on maritime dependence of the Federal Republic of Germany" of the naval commandos presents a comprehensive and detailed insight and overview of the current maritime position of our country in all its dimensions in the face of globalization, the maritime digitization, geopolitical changes, the increase again the world economy and seaborne world trade. These […]

Companies are combining skills - Armor partnerships for major projects are in vogue

Armament projects are considered to be complex and require for their implementation is usually a lot of time. At the same time the Ministry of Defense is to buy more on the procurement of military complete systems instead of separately developed tanks or planes. When it comes to such systems, often several industrial suppliers must join forces to ever lace up the required offer package. When […]

Department Lake (S)

The Department S is responsible for issues of implementation and usage of ships and boats of the navy, the marine-specific agriculture, communication and training systems and other marine specific device. She oversees the units of the first stages of implementation to discard decommissioned units and subsequent delivery to the recycling organization. In order for the Department S takes the [...]

Final Touches on the spearhead - The Bundeswehr in NATO maneuvers "Trident Juncture 2018 '

On 23 November 2018 Norway, the four-week NATO maneuvers "Trident Juncture", the largest NATO exercise this kind ended since the end of the Cold War. As the second largest troop contributor to Norway Germany was being involved with a total of about 10,000 soldiers. During the stand-up phase prior to the acquisition of the Very High Readiness Joint Task Force VJTF (country) in 2019, [...]

Program Organization (PMO)

In the program organization of the project management for the significant arms projects multipurpose combat ship 180 (FMD 180), the tactical air defense system (TLVS) and the Euro drone (European MALE RPAS) are combined in an optimized to the specific tasks structure. Specialists from various disciplines with their technical, commercial and legal expertise are directly attributable to the specific project and focus of the [...]

Department battle (K)

In the department of fight (K) combine three project groups of five presentations the professional expertise of the BAAINBw for Land-Based Air Defense, Missile for ships and aircraft dropping ammunition, anti-tank (K4) Armored combat and transport systems, bridges and setting means (K5) and artillery , infantry and pioneer systems (K6). Supported are the three project groups in the performance of tasks in the project and use management and the [...]

Turnaround technology - Marine 2030+ - 20 DWT Marine Workshop

The 20th Marine Workshop (24 to 26 September 2018) of the German Society for Defense Technology (DWT) dealt with new technologies for the development and future of the Navy. Availability An acute problem the Navy is the limited life of their units. Therefore, the Navy wants the program "Agenda use" with the industry the life of their [...]

Mine countermeasures the Navy - Ability receipt in the field of Maritime Mine Counter Measures

The German Navy has traditionally modern and efficient mine countermeasures systems and was in NATO as a leader in mine countermeasures. It seeks that role again. For over 50 years, the German Navy continuously participated in the two standing mine countermeasures associations NATO. The ability receipt of the mine countermeasures among other things, in view of the partially outdated technology, [...]

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