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Belgisch-niederländisches Minensucherprogramm: Entscheidung für Belgium Naval & Robotics

Per Communiqué gab das belgische Verteidigungsministerium am Freitag, 15. März bekannt, dass die Arbeitsgemeinschaft BNR (BELGIUM NAVAL & ROBOTICS) bestehend aus der französischen NAVAL GROUP und der ebenfalls französischen ECA Robotics den Zuschlag für Bau und Instandhaltung von zwölf Minenjägern für Belgien und die Niederlande erhielt. Zulauf des ersten (von sechs) belgischen Systems im Laufe […]

General death D. Wolters on the way to SACEUR

General (US Air Forces) Tod D. Wolters ist zum Oberbefehlshaber Europa vorgeschlagen. Der 59-Jährige ist der bisherige kommandierende General der United States Air Forces Europe,  United States Air Forces Africa, des NATO Allied Air Command, Ramstein sowie Direktor des Joint Air Power Competence Centre, Kalkar. Neben Führungs- und Stabspositionen (u.a. im Büro des ‚Secretary of […]

US-Flugzeugträgerflotte schrumpft

Das Pentagon hat enschieden, die Flugzeugträgerflotte von elf Schiffen auf künftig zehn Schiffe zu reduzieren. Daher soll der Flugzeugträger USS “Harry S Truman” (CVN 75) der “Nimitz”-Klasse, der 1998 in Dienst gestellt wurde, nicht mehr die für 2024 geplante Midlife-Grundüberholung (u.a. Auffüllen der Reaktoren) absolvieren. Die Grundüberholung würde ca. 6,5 Milliarden Dollar kosten. Das eingesparte […]

French Navy - Progress in the FREMM frigates

With the "Bretagne" the fifth of eight of the new multi-mission frigates ( "FREMM") of the French Navy was put into service on 20 February. Their handover to the Navy took place on July 18, 2018. In French (certification) process is a long-term use (usually six months) provided after the sea trial and before India position, often with a maneuver participation. So [...]

New components of the autonomous MCM system world

The French Robotics house ECA presented at the IDEX / NAVDEX its latest UPS (Unmanned Surface Vehicle). developed on the basis of the SNSM (French Society for Sea Rescue) and already in service (20 units) located lifeboat, V2 NG 'designed the engineering firm MAURIC, a subsidiary of ECA, the, Inspector 125'. Specifications: Dimensions 12.3 x 4.2 [...]

placed second, Asahi' destroyer of the JMSDF in service

The JMSDF (Japan Maritime Self Defense Force) presented on 27 February at the shipyard Nagasaki Mitsubishi Heavy Industries with the JS, Shiranui '(Pennant No. 120) to the second (and probably last) destroyer, Asahi' class or type 25DD into service. The Asahi 'are an evolution of, Akizuki' air defense destroyers and have been optimized for submarine defense. In addition to a torso and [...]

Thales awws for Belgian and Dutch M-frigates

Thales Nederland is developing together with the Dutch Defense Materiel Organization (DMO) (military procurement) awws, Above Water Warfare system (after corporate statements) pioneering fire control system, which is based on the CMS (Combat Management System), and insert. The agreement was the CEO tanning Edelijn and the director DMO Admiral Arie-Jan de Waard on February 28 public appeal before the [...]

March 2019 edition of the European Security and Technology published

This version is a few days later to you, our readers, because - as we announced - the traditional extensive coverage of the Munich Security Conference had to be transposed. The proven IT & T Conference Team Christine Hegenbart, Pia Seyfried and Tatjana Vogt have summarized the main panel again. The head of the Political Department of Defense, Géza Andreas [...]

Transaction Rolls-Royce - Kongsberg is imminent

The announcement was made already last July. The British group Rolls-Royce will continue its civilian Marine division (including ship design, automation, control) to sell with their 3,700 employees at the Norwegian Kongsberg. Bård Bjørløw, Vice President of Kongsberg Maritime, settled on 12 February at a conference to the effect one that an agreement between Kongsberg Marine and Rolls-Rocye Marine to [...]

Helge Ingstad - finally Haakonsvern

The difficult salvage the partially sunken HNoMS, Helge Ingstad 'began early Tuesday morning of February 26. The operation was due to harsh weather conditions postponed several times (we reported). The frigate was moored between the two floating cranes, Rambiz 'and' Gulliver ', and - for the time being spent in the nearby port Hanøytangen - contrary to the original intentions. She was too heavy, [...]

Royal Canadian Navy - presence in the Western Pacific

With the expiry of the frigate 'HCMS Regina' and the 'MV Asterix' from the 'Esquimalt Naval Base' on Vancouver Iceland, the Canadian Navy continues its goal of a permanent maritime presence in the Asia-Pacific region. The operation 'Projection' is the third of its kind. 'HMCS Calgary' returned last December from a five-month similar use. The frigate [...]

Operation: "Clemenceau" - French carrier group in front of foreign travel in the Asia-Pacific region

The French aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle prepares after the conclusion of the exercise, beacon 19 '(February 3 -14.), Where he his commitment in working with other French and foreign units (US destroyer Donald Cook' (Arleigh Burke class), the Spanish frigate Cristobal Colon '(F100 class), Italian, Caio Duilio' (Horizon class), which also Italian FREMM class carabiniere '), to [...]

First submarine of type 218 baptized SG Singapore in the name Invincible

At the shipyard of ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems in Kiel, the first submarine was baptized Type 218 SG for the Republic of Singapore in the name Invincible. After completion of construction and equipment, the Invincible is thoroughly tested before it is handed over the 2,021th The Invincible is the first in a series of four boats [...]

IDEX - KBP presented Pantsir-ME

Which belongs to the Russian state company Rostec companies KBP presented at the IDEX 2019 the Pantsir-ME system for ship-based air defense for the first time on foreign soil to an international audience. KBP want to do with this solution, his experience can also be used for marine applications with terrestrial systems. The company said that the system can be scaffolded on almost any Russian naval ship. The same [...]

Royal Navy presents with new coastal Einsatzgruppen global challenge

The British Defense Gavin Williamson was on 11 February in a speech to the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) the launch of a study to develop a new generation of so-called Littoral Strike Ships' known. These are used worldwide multi-purpose vessels that are armed to the use cover a wide range of operations from the crisis help. You should […]

USS Tulsa - US Navy unveils new littoral combat ship in the service

The US Navy has put into service on their newest littoral combat ship (LCS), the USS Tulsa '(LCS 16) on Saturday 16 February, San Francisco. As a fifteenth LCS is the eighth from, Independence' variant (see below), a trimaran made of aluminum, 127 meters long, 30 meters wide, 3100 to repression. With its two gas turbines, two diesel engines and [...]

Ship radar TRS-4D Rotator for K130

The second lot of Corvettes K130 is equipped with the ship radar TRS-4D Rotator and the identification friend or foe system (IFF) MSSR 2000 ID from Hensoldt. The Federal Office for equipment, information technology and use of the Bundeswehr (BAAINBw) HENSOLDT commissioned to supply a total of seven systems to the 2022nd The TRS-4D Rotator is designed for air defense and antisurface. His [...]

Australia and France go via Naval Group into a strategic partnership

Australia and France, in persona Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison, the Australian defense minister Christopher Pyne and the French Minister of Defense Florence Parly signed a strategic partnership in Canberra on 11 February. Specifically, it's about the contract for the construction of 12 submarines, Attack 'class. During the ceremony, S. Morrison referred to the renovation program of the Royal Australian [...]

Naval Group is positioned for Dutch submarine successor

After the French company established a subsidiary in the Netherlands in November 2018. He is now jointly offer with Royal IHC to the replacement of the Walrus submarines. A corresponding agreement, the two companies have signed on 7 February of 2019. Should it come to winning, Naval Group would define the design while Royal IHC, far from the special shipbuilding [...]

Preparations completed for salvaging the Norwegian frigate Helge Ingstad

This day should be taken to recover the November 8 last year after a collision accident with an oil tanker Norwegian frigate Helge Ingstad a try. The preparations are largely completed, two floating cranes were stationed at nearby Hanoytangen. The salvage team is waiting for a window of five to six days when acceptable for the maneuver [...]

Canada is building 15 frigates Type 26

Not surprisingly, Canada has decided in his frigate construction program for the British Type-26th On February 8, the Consortium Canada's Combat Ship team was composed distinguish BAE Systems and Lockheed Martin Canada, CAE, L3 Technologies, MDA and Ultra Electronics Maritime Systems, for his version of the Type-26 contract. to be built at Irving Shipbuilding, Halifax. [...]

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