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Intensifier with Photonis technology

Photonis liefert der Bundeswehr Bildverstärkerröhren 4G High FOM für den Einsatz in NYX-Nachtsichtbrillen von Theon Sensors. Mit den neuen Bildverstärkerröhren wird die Nachtkampffähigkeit gesteigert und vor allem das Führen von Fahrzeugen sicherer gemacht. Die 4G Bildverstärkerröhren verbessern die Tiefenwahrnehmung, die für die Beurteilung von Entfernung und Relativbewegung wichtig ist. Merkmale sind ultraschnelles Auto-Gating, mit dem […]

Globaler Waffenhandel steigt stetig: Deutschland auf Platz vier der weltweit größten Exporteure

Der globale Waffenhandel steigt weiter an: Das Volumen der internationalen Transfers von Großwaffen war im Zeitraum zwischen 2014-2018 im Vergleich zu den Jahren 2009-2013 insgesamt 7,8 % höher. Zu diesem Schluss kommt das schwedische Friedensforschungsinstitut SIPRI (Stockholm International Peace Research Institute), das jährlich eine Studie zu Waffentransfers veröffentlicht. Die größten Exporteure von Waffen waren 2014-2018 […]

Belgisch-niederländisches Minensucherprogramm: Entscheidung für Belgium Naval & Robotics

Per Communiqué gab das belgische Verteidigungsministerium am Freitag, 15. März bekannt, dass die Arbeitsgemeinschaft BNR (BELGIUM NAVAL & ROBOTICS) bestehend aus der französischen NAVAL GROUP und der ebenfalls französischen ECA Robotics den Zuschlag für Bau und Instandhaltung von zwölf Minenjägern für Belgien und die Niederlande erhielt. Zulauf des ersten (von sechs) belgischen Systems im Laufe […]

offered armored personnel Lynx KF41 for the Australian procurement program

Rheinmetall hat ein umfassendes Angebot für das australische Schützenpanzerprogramm Land 400 Phase 3 – Mounted Close Combat Capability – abgegeben.  Im Rahmen der Ausschreibung bietet man der australischen Armee neben Schützenpanzervarianten des Lynx KF 41 auch einen Lynx Pionierpanzer an (Manouevre Support Vehicle/MSV). Lynx IFV (Infantry Fighting Vehicle: Schützenpanzer) und Lynx MSV wurden in Bezug […]

French Navy - Progress in the FREMM frigates

With the "Bretagne" the fifth of eight of the new multi-mission frigates ( "FREMM") of the French Navy was put into service on 20 February. Their handover to the Navy took place on July 18, 2018. In French (certification) process is a long-term use (usually six months) provided after the sea trial and before India position, often with a maneuver participation. So [...]

Renaissance of the motorcyclist - BMW motorcycles for NATO spearhead

The panzerlehrbrigade 9 in Munster has the first 29 of 84 ordered bikes BMW GS 850 F obtained for the refurbishing of the motorcyclist. After the urgent requirement end of 2018, only three and a half months have passed to the delivery of the first machines. One reason is that the BwFuhrparkService that provides the motorcycles of the force, market-available products [...]

AGF 2 and UFK - replacement of AGF Serval for special forces

The reconnaissance / combat vehicle used since 2003 exclusively with the Special Forces Command (KSK) (AGF) Serval is getting old and needs to be replaced in several appearances by excessive wear. The Federal Office for equipment, information technology and use of the Bundeswehr (BAAINBw) has opened the contest to replace the Serval on 1 March. On the European procurement platform TED is a [...]

Australian armored personnel Program Country 400 Phase 3 is picking up speed

Today March 1, 2019, the offer period ended in Australian armament projects Country 400 Phase 3 Mounted Close Combat Capability. The "Diggers" looking with the project, a new infantry fighting vehicle family. The new vehicle will replace the previously used M113, a Absitzstärke of six men and - a key demand - in terms of the strategic and tactical mobility [...]

started purchasing STH program by the BAAINBw

The Federal Office for equipment, information technology and use of the Armed Forces, published today on the European tendering platform TED the start of the competition for the participation STH program (heavy transport helicopter) of the Bundeswehr. Overall, a procurement of a STH fleet of at least 44 and a maximum of 60 heavy transport helicopters along with logistical support via a scheduled delivery period of eight years is planned to Auftragssvergabe. As potential [...]

delivered 500 GTK Boxer

On February 7, 2019 has the ARTEC - the Boxer joint venture between Rheinmetall and KMW - passed the 500th Boxer to the customer at the production site of Munich Krauss-Maffei Wegmann. This is an important brand in the Boxer program has been exceeded. OCCAR has appointed as joint procurement agency a total of 696 boxers for the three program countries Germany, the Netherlands and Lithuania. By […]

Fast ammunition procurement for NATO countries and partners

At the NATO summit in 2018 in Brussels, NATO defense ministers with a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) have cleared the way for the rapid acquisition of vital ammunition for land combat (Land Battle Decisive ammunition, l BDM). As the first munitions from this project-tank weapons were delivered to Denmark, France and the Netherlands recently. The l BDM project allows the allies, [...]

British Minister for Defense Procurement: German defense companies are welcome in Britain

While many representatives of German companies at IDEX 2019 also shake their heads in Abu Dhabi that neither army nor politics can be looking at the show, the Mitwerber from European NATO partner states can not complain about a lack of impetus from home. Buoyancy feel especially British companies. As on the Turkish IDEF exhibition two [...]

Ship radar TRS-4D Rotator for K130

The second lot of Corvettes K130 is equipped with the ship radar TRS-4D Rotator and the identification friend or foe system (IFF) MSSR 2000 ID from Hensoldt. The Federal Office for equipment, information technology and use of the Bundeswehr (BAAINBw) HENSOLDT commissioned to supply a total of seven systems to the 2022nd The TRS-4D Rotator is designed for air defense and antisurface. His [...]

Spain goes on board - The new European fighter plane

Just last week Wednesday, the Defense Interior of France and Germany signed its first contract for a joint concept study to develop a common combat aircraft called Future Combat Air System (FCAS) Dassault Aviation and Airbus (we reported). The FCAS are to replace the German Euro Fighter and the French Rafale. Now also Spain rises to the project. [...]

Modernization of 120 mm mortar round DM 61

On 02.08.2019, the Federal Office for equipment, information technology and use of the Bundeswehr has launched a call for competition to modernize the 120-mm mortar round DM 61st In addition to the ongoing modernization (in the form of Umlaborierung elementary and propellant charge) of mortar ammunition (ES & T reported first in 2016) should in this case, since the shooting accident in 2018 (ES & T reported in July 2018) locked rapprochement detonator PPD 324 are modified. [...]

Korvettenbau started - combustion start at Bremen Lürssen site

With the traditional start of combustion at the Bremen Lürssen site the consortium K130 yard rang on 7 February 2019 (Arge K130), consisting of the Lürssen (lead), ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems and German Naval Yards Kiel, the production of the first of five new corvettes (series 6 - 10) for the German Navy. The start of combustion, ie the starting [...]

Direction decision to succeed the fallen Tornado

fixed for a long time is that there is no reasonable alternative for the phasing out of the weapon system Tornado in the second half of the next decade in the face of a growing number of obsolescence, rising operating costs and declining availability. The successor system should offer a guarantee today's tasks of tornadoes (including SEAD and nuclear sharing) in demanding scenarios with [...]

Aircraft tractors for A400M

When Air Transport Wing 62 in Wunstorf Aircraft rod tractors are now two Challenger 280 of Trepel for the movement of transport aircraft A400M on the runway in use. The towing vehicles provided by the BwFuhrparkService develop at a net weight of 28 t, a tensile force of 207 kN and can aircraft to 300 t weight with a maximum speed of 26 [...]

Steel section of the first Corvette for Saudi Arabia at Navantia

In the presence of both Deputy Navy Chiefs (Admiral Jose Luis Urcelay, Spain, Rear-Admiral Fahad Ali Alfuraidan (Eastern Fleet Commander), Saudi Arabia) took place on 15 January at the San Fernando Shipyard (at Cadiz) to start construction of the first Corvette a series of five, based on the draft, Avante 2200' designs. In addition to the construction comprises of the April [...]


MBDA Missiles Systems has a missile (FK) Mistral developed and successfully tested. The flight body (fire and forget) to asymmetric threats such as swarm attacks ward with small, agile, unmanned speedboat. When testing the FK was fired from a prepared ashore board turret against speedboats in about 3 km away. The warhead with about 3 kg of explosive [...]

German Leopards get Trophy

The lack of standoff protection systems introduced for the German battle tank is a known weakness for years, which was last named by us again in January 2017 were destroyed when Turkish leopard due to this lack of protection by IS forces. Now proclaimed German representatives at the International Armored Vehicles Forum in London that this risky capability gap [...]

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