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Captor-E - AESA radar for Euro Fighter production

Even before the consortium countries the end of 2020 will receive an exporting country - Kuwait - the first Euro Fighter with AESA radar technology. That an essential condition of the purchase agreement is met with that nation. Already with the ordering and delivery of the first Euro Fighter was clear that for reasons of cost, as in many other areas of this weapon system, even when the main sensor, [...]

Strategic relocation of helicopters of the Bundeswehr - NH90 and Tiger in Mali

the United Nations lead the Multidimensional Integrated Stabilization Mission (Mission Multi Dimensional Intégrée des Nations Unies pour la stabilization au Mali, MINUSMA) through to improve the security situation in Mali since July 1, 2013. On 26 January 2017, the Bundestag mandated the deployment of German helicopter for this MINUSMA insert for twelve months. The Federal Republic of Germany offered the UN [...]

The use of the Air Force under Counter Daesh

After the terrorist attacks in Paris on 13 November 2015, the EU Member State enshrined in Art. 42 of the Treaty on European Union solidarity clause has invoked with France for the first time. Against this background, the UN Security Council Resolution 2249 called with all Member States to the under the control of the so-called Islamic State [...]

Trident Juncture 2018

In November of last year Norway became the site of the largest NATO maneuver past two decades. In the midst of the land operation spanned aircraft missiles forces of the German Luftwaffe its defense system and trained side by side with the German Army Brigade for the common mission as part of the Very High Readiness Joint Task Force in 2019. The Air Force makes every year several modules [...]

Passive radar TwInvis - A remedy for stealth?

Due to the progress made in recent decades, progress in the development of hardware and especially software, the performance of passive radar systems today corresponds in many respects to that of conventional radars for monitoring of air and Seeräumen. With regard to the action against stealth aircraft they will even have expected special achievements. Nevertheless, the demand for such systems so far seems [...]

Simulators with new technology for the tiger

On July 25, 2018 Airbus Helicopters Germany has the last Tiger combat helicopter (KHT) handed over to the Bundeswehr. Thirteen years after the delivery of the first Tiger of uniform construction, and equipment status is defined by a plurality of intermediate stages with ASGARD-F, will reach the all intended for use helicopters. The used in education since the introduction of the helicopter simulators [...]

Non-Line-of-Sight Imaging - The Fraunhofer Institute reports on new technologies

Systems for non-line-of-sight (NLOS) imaging are "just around the corner to see" and can accommodate objects that are outside of their direct field of vision. Their technical realization could in particular based on the computer-assisted analysis of scattered light. You are explored, because in many applications expected new possibilities of them, from the autonomous driving up to the [...]

All of a piece: How Bavaria supports the defense industry - a success story

The order situation for the companies of the Bavarian defense industry at the moment is very good. Orders of the armed forces and the demand from abroad bring the company good numbers. Since years go total of nearly 30 percent of defense contracts into the books of Bavarian companies. Instrumental in setting the course for the settlement of defense companies in the [...]

Euro Fighter Association in the air-to-ground role

The Tactical Air Force Squadron 31 "Boelcke" (TaktLwG 31 "B") in Nörvenich is with the weapon system Euro Fighter in the Air Force of Leitverband for obtaining the ability to fight against targets on the ground or on the water. After delivery of the first Euro Fighters in April 2004 to the then Fighter Wing 73 "Steinhoff" at Laage are in the zurückliegenden14 [...]

Night Vision Imaging Systems in Tornado

The aviation office of the Bundeswehr (LufABw) has modified on night vision cockpit instruments approved in May 2017th With the signing of the Declarations of Design and Performance a great milestone "night vision capability Tornado" was by the repair center 13 (InstZ 13) after many years of development in the project are achieved. To 1999 and the operations in Kosovo was for the [...]

Looking to America - January 2019

Confusion about the defense budget: US President Donald Trump made the middle of December again confusion about the future US defense budgets. who demanded massive increases in the defense budget during the campaign and during his first two years in office - - In November, the President had announced a reduction in planned defense budgets of the next years annually to 700 billion dollars. Beginning of December […]

Air-ground armament for the army - Requirements for future effectors of the Tiger attack helicopter

The multi-role Tiger helicopter (KH Tiger) is a highly mobile, dynamic deployable and assertive flying platform of the Army. It is intended, airborne operations throughout the intensity and range of tasks of the armed forces within the framework of national and alliance defense of international crisis management, the national risk and crisis management and operations of special forces to carry out and support them. From the core task of KH [...]

New-Generation Fighter Engine

Planned by France and Germany new combat aircraft will also get a new, appropriate its performance profile engine. According to the industry, it is imperative to take the first steps towards the development of the new engine as soon as possible. have new names on 19 November 2018, the French and German Defense Minister further steps [...] - more concrete ideas

Air Defense - TLVS program approaches the home stretch

The procurement process always marked in recent years of delays for a Tactical Air Defense System (TLVS) the army seems to control in the final phase. In the first quarter 2019, acting as a general contractor TLVS-GmbH wants a joint venture between MBDA and Lockheed Martin submit a final offer for the entire system to the Bundeswehr Procurement Office BAAINBw. [...]

Companies are combining skills - Armor partnerships for major projects are in vogue

Armament projects are considered to be complex and require for their implementation is usually a lot of time. At the same time the Ministry of Defense is to buy more on the procurement of military complete systems instead of separately developed tanks or planes. When it comes to such systems, often several industrial suppliers must join forces to ever lace up the required offer package. When […]

German air policing in the Baltic States - "... other than Russian contacts? No…!"

Since the beginning of September 2018, the German Luftwaffe again a part of the since 2014 established the so-called reinforcement Airpolicing in the Baltics (VAPB), this time with Euro fighters of JG 74 and 71. In late November had ES & T is the opportunity to visit the quota in the Estonian Ämari. Conclusion: It runs so far smoothly. And it is - relative to the primary role [...]

Final Touches on the spearhead - The Bundeswehr in NATO maneuvers "Trident Juncture 2018 '

On 23 November 2018 Norway, the four-week NATO maneuvers "Trident Juncture", the largest NATO exercise this kind ended since the end of the Cold War. As the second largest troop contributor to Norway Germany was being involved with a total of about 10,000 soldiers. During the stand-up phase prior to the acquisition of the Very High Readiness Joint Task Force VJTF (country) in 2019, [...]

Program Organization (PMO)

In the program organization of the project management for the significant arms projects multipurpose combat ship 180 (FMD 180), the tactical air defense system (TLVS) and the Euro drone (European MALE RPAS) are combined in an optimized to the specific tasks structure. Specialists from various disciplines with their technical, commercial and legal expertise are directly attributable to the specific project and focus of the [...]

Department battle (K)

In the department of fight (K) combine three project groups of five presentations the professional expertise of the BAAINBw for Land-Based Air Defense, Missile for ships and aircraft dropping ammunition, anti-tank (K4) Armored combat and transport systems, bridges and setting means (K5) and artillery , infantry and pioneer systems (K6). Supported are the three project groups in the performance of tasks in the project and use management and the [...]

Department air (L)

In the department of air BAAINBw the management of military aviation projects is concentrated. Here, L5, L6, L7 and L8 which projects according to the method of the Customer Product Management (CPM) are in the project groups L3, L4, and realized until their separation is responsible for the use management of the imported products. In addition, in the department L is the technical supervision of is [...]

Euro Fighter Typhoon - Who's next?

During the campaigns in Belgium, Malaysia, Poland and Colombia run and after Qatar (2017) and Kuwait have (2016) joined the largest European defense program, Euro Fighter can expect additional customers or new procurement programs in Germany, Spain and / or Saudi Arabia. After a confident 2017 with the announcement of a new contract with Qatar and the delivery of a first [...]

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