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EDA framework contract for AirMedEvac

Die Europäische Verteidigungsagentur EDA hat für Operationen der EDA-Mitgliedstaaten medizinische Evakuierungsdienste über Rahmenverträge bereitgestellt. Bei der Wahrnehmung nationaler und multinationaler Aufgaben ist die Bereitstellung von flugmedizinischen Evakuierungsdiensten im Einsatzgebiet oft eine Herausforderung. In vielen Fällen sind die Kapazitäten der Mitgliedstaaten nicht verfügbar, und es ist erforderlich, Evakuierungsdienste über private Unternehmen bereitzustellen. In einem Rahmenvertrag bis […]

Airbus Helicopters provides H145 ago with five-blade rotor

Die mit einem Fünfblattrotor leistungsgesteigerte H145 hat Airbus Helicopters auf der Heli-Expo in Atlanta erstmals der Öffentlichkeit vorgestellt. Der Rotor mit einem zusätzlichen Blatt hat die Erhöhung des maximalen Startgewichts auf 3.800 kg ermöglicht. Davon entfällt jeweils die Hälfte auf Leergewicht und Zuladung. Der Rotordurchmesser wurde verringert, damit die H145 in engerem Umfeld operieren kann. […]

Luftgestütztes Selbstschutzsystem AMPS für Hubschrauber

HENSOLDT und Airbus Helicopters haben in einem langfristigen Rahmenvertrag die Lieferung luftgestützter Selbstschutzsysteme AMPS (Airborne Missile Protection System) vereinbart. Der Vertrag hat zunächst eine Laufzeit von zehn Jahren ohne eine vereinbarte Mindestabnahmemenge. Der erste – kürzlich eingegangene – Auftrag umfasst die Lieferung von 20 AMPS-Komplettsystemen für den militärischen Hubschrauber H145M beginnend noch in diesem Jahr. […]

General death D. Wolters on the way to SACEUR

General (US Air Forces) Tod D. Wolters ist zum Oberbefehlshaber Europa vorgeschlagen. Der 59-Jährige ist der bisherige kommandierende General der United States Air Forces Europe,  United States Air Forces Africa, des NATO Allied Air Command, Ramstein sowie Direktor des Joint Air Power Competence Centre, Kalkar. Neben Führungs- und Stabspositionen (u.a. im Büro des ‚Secretary of […]

March 2019 edition of the European Security and Technology published

This version is a few days later to you, our readers, because - as we announced - the traditional extensive coverage of the Munich Security Conference had to be transposed. The proven IT & T Conference Team Christine Hegenbart, Pia Seyfried and Tatjana Vogt have summarized the main panel again. The head of the Political Department of Defense, Géza Andreas [...]

100 kW laser weapon for mobile and stationary use

Rheinmetall has developed a new weapon station for laser weapons technology and tested, can accommodate up to 100 kW, the laser performance. The system consists of the components of the laser source, beam guidance system, optics and moving system. With the movable laser weapon station of the laser beam is mechanically aligned to the destination. The specially designed for the requirements of a laser weapon system weapon station is the [...]

started purchasing STH program by the BAAINBw

The Federal Office for equipment, information technology and use of the Armed Forces, published today on the European tendering platform TED the start of the competition for the participation STH program (heavy transport helicopter) of the Bundeswehr. Overall, a procurement of a STH fleet of at least 44 and a maximum of 60 heavy transport helicopters along with logistical support via a scheduled delivery period of eight years is planned to Auftragssvergabe. As potential [...]

Flight refueling system of the A400M successfully tested

In a test campaign together with the flight test center of the Spanish Air Force (Centro Logístico de Armamento y Experimentacion, CLAEX) has Airbus in nine flights, the flight refueling system CHT (Cargo Hold Tanks) of the A400M checked under realistic conditions on the required performance. The aim is the approval of the CHT for normal operation. In this total of 90 tons of fuel to fighter planes [...]

Upgraded Euro Fighter Tranche 1 for Spain

Airbus has delivered the first upgraded Euro Fighter Tranche 1 of the Spanish Air Force. The upgrade was carried out in the Airbus plants in Getafe and included the introduction of hardware modifications to support the defense and trial logistics center (Centro Logístico de Armamento y Experimentacion, CLAEX) developed Operational Flight Program 02, which was developed by Airbus upgrade were [... ]

presented air defense system "Falcon" - IDEX

The German company Diehl Defense, the US defense contractor Lockheed Martin and the Swedish company Saab presented at the IDEX 2019 in Abu Dhabi's air defense system "Falcon" to combat threats from short and medium distance. The system network combines the capabilities of Diehl's missile IRIS-T SLM including the vertical 360-degree launcher, Saabs on gallium nitride technology-based AESA radar Giraffe [...]

First flight of the second European MMF Tankers

On February 5, 2019, the Airbus A330-200 has completed with the serial number 1911 in the area of ​​Toulouse its first flight. The test flight over the North Pyrenees took place at different heights and speeds. In the following week, the aircraft was delivered to Airbus Defense and Space to Getafe, where his duties as Multirole [...]

IDEX - New protection concept for VAB Mk3 of Arquus

Under the name "Advanced Survivability System" the French company ARQUUS (formerly Renault Trucks Defense) at the IDEX presented in 2019 a new concept of protection by the VAB Mk3 family (VAB stands for Véhicule de l'Avant-blind) protected moderate 6 × 6 vehicles can be optimized for today's threats towards. The concept includes an improved mine protection, a slat armor to cover [...]

New radar sensor for UAV MQ-9 Predator B

General Atomics Aeronautical Systems (GA-ASI) and Raytheon Germany (Freising) have the advanced radar detection system recently developed (ARDS) integrated into a MQ-9 RPAS (Predator B). For the tests, the sensor for electronic intelligence (ELINT) was placed in a container under the wing. ARDS is a fully digital, high-precision radar-detection sensor, which was developed by Raytheon Germany. ARDS [...]

MBDA Brimstone for British Protector

The Royal Air Force (RAF) has signed with MBDA a contract for the integration of precision missile Brimstone in the unmanned aircraft Protector RG Mk1. The Protector RG Mk1 is the armed version of the US manufacturer General Atomics MQ Aeronuatical system 9B SkyGuardian. With Protector and Brimstone, the RAF is key new capabilities for the ISTAR forces [...]

Upgrade NATO AWACS completed

With delivery of the 14th and last modernized Airborne Warning and Control System (AWACS) to the NATO Boeing has completed the 15-year-long upgrade program schedule with an order volume of 220 million euros. Essential part of the modernization was the digitization of the cockpit and control panels, among others, with five full-color displays and the renewal of air navigation and [...]

Spain goes on board - The new European fighter plane

Just last week Wednesday, the Defense Interior of France and Germany signed its first contract for a joint concept study to develop a common combat aircraft called Future Combat Air System (FCAS) Dassault Aviation and Airbus (we reported). The FCAS are to replace the German Euro Fighter and the French Rafale. Now also Spain rises to the project. [...]

German / French co-operation for future FCAS engine

Safran Aircraft Engines and MTU Aero Engines jointly take the lead in the development, manufacture and support of the drive for the fighter aircraft of the next generation. Under this partnership, Safran Aircraft Engines will be responsible for the design and integration of FCAS engine, while MTU Aero Engines the lead role in the maintenance and support during the [...]

Drones defense for German airports

The person responsible for the civil and military German Flugsicherung GmbH has tested together with the Bundeswehr Technical Center 61 in Manching methods for protecting the air traffic at airports before drones. For this, three steps are necessary: ​​Discover the drone, identify and plan a defensive measure, defense. Detection and identification in Manching Rheinmetall had built up a drone detection system. To the […]

Concept study for the development of Future Combat Air System

France and Germany have the first contract - awarded to the development of Future Combat Air System (FCAS) Dassault Aviation and Airbus - a common concept study (Joint Concept Study - JCS). the launch of the JCS was announced today at a meeting of Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen with its French counterpart Florence Parly in [...]

Production start for Euro Fighter radar Captor-E

With the completion of the development of the Captor-E radar with electronic scanning (AESA = Active Electronically Scanned Array) by EUR radar - a consortium of Leonardo (UK, Italy), Indra (Spain) and HENSOLDT (Germany) the fighters Euro Fighter obtain a radar considerably larger search area. Upon successful acceptance test HENSOLDT has now already the second production-ready antenna to Leonardo UK [...]

Direction decision to succeed the fallen Tornado

fixed for a long time is that there is no reasonable alternative for the phasing out of the weapon system Tornado in the second half of the next decade in the face of a growing number of obsolescence, rising operating costs and declining availability. The successor system should offer a guarantee today's tasks of tornadoes (including SEAD and nuclear sharing) in demanding scenarios with [...]

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