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Erfolgreiche Verladeübung CH-53 in Beluga ST

Die Bundeswehr und Airbus Defence and Space (Airbus DS) haben an der Wehrtechnischen Dienststelle 61 in Manching in einer Verifikationsübung einen mittleren Transporthubschrauber CH-53 in ein Großraumtransportflugzeug des Typs Beluga ST verladen. Wie Airbus DS mitgeteilt hat, kam dabei erstmals ein vom Unternehmen mit eigenen Mittel entwickeltes Frachtladesystem zum Einsatz. Mit dem Ladesystem lassen sich […]

In eigener Sache: Peter Tamm erhält Ehrenkreuz der Bundeswehr

Bundesverteidigungsministerin Christine Lambrecht hat Peter Tamm für sein Engagement am Bundeswehrstandort Hamburg mit dem Ehrenkreuz der Bundeswehr in Bronze ausgezeichnet. Die Verleihung fand am 17. September an Bord der Fregatte Bayern statt, wie das Landeskommando Hamburg der Bundeswehr in einer Mitteilung schreibt. Die Verleihung fand anlässlich des Empfangs zum 833. Hafengeburtstag in Hamburg durch Kapitän […]

Erste Laserschutzbrillen visAIRion übergeben

Die ESG Elektroniksystem- und Logistik-GmbH hat die ersten Serienmodelle der Laserschutzbrille visAIRion an die Projekt-Verantwortlichen des Bundesamts für Ausrüstung, Informationstechnik und Nutzung der Bundeswehr (BAAINBw) übergeben. Erste Nutzer werden die Hubschrauberbesatzungen des Kampfhubschraubers Tiger. visAIRion wurde von der ESG im Auftrag des BAAINBw entwickelt, um den wachsenden Gefährdungen der Flugsicherheit durch das Blenden von Luftfahrzeugbesatzungen […]

Schweiz: Beschaffungsvertrag für die Kampfflugzeuge F-35A unterzeichnet

Fast ein Jahr nachdem die US-Behörden den Vertrag zur Beschaffung von 36 Kampfflugzeugen F-35 unterzeichnet hatten, hat jetzt die Schweizer Beschaffungsbehörde armasuisse nachgezogen. Mit ihrer Unterschrift am 19. September haben Rüstungschef Martin Sonderegger und Projektleiter Darko Savic die Beschaffung auch vertraglich beschlossen. Letzte Voraussetzung war die Genehmigung des Verpflichtungskredits durch das Parlament am 15. September. […]

Lambrecht: "Our future task is safety!"

According to Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht, a national security strategy has to fulfill three tasks: 1. Provide national and international orientation, 2. Enable security policy communication and 3. Fulfill a defense policy steering function. This is what the Minister of Defense said today in Berlin in the rooms of the German Council on Foreign Relations (DGAP) think tank in her keynote address on security and defense policy on […]

Poland wants to buy 96 Apache helicopters

The Polish government wants to buy a total of 96 AH64-E Apache combat helicopters in the United States. As the Polish Ministry of Defense announced yesterday, Defense Minister Mariusz Blaszczak held talks with his US counterpart Lloyd Austin during the Ukraine Contact Group meeting in Ramstein. According to the information, the helicopters are to be used together with the Abrams main battle tanks, which have also been ordered in the USA.

Poland: Advances in short-range air defenses

During the MSPO 2022 armaments fair in Kielce, Poland, the Polish armaments company PGZ (Polska Grupa ZBrojeniowa) announced that the company, in cooperation with the companies PIT-Radwar, Jelcz, WZU and MBDA as foreign partners, has made "significant progress" in the development of a short-range air defense system known as “Mała Narew” (Little Narew). To the […]

Early detection of the risk of motion sickness in prospective pilots

A project team made up of researchers from the German Aerospace Center (DLR) and the University of the Federal Armed Forces in Munich is developing an AI and simulator-based method for the early detection of the risk of kinetosis (KiRis) under the direction of Fraunhofer FKIE. As reported by DLR, the planning office of the Bundeswehr has commissioned a three-year study so that a reliable model for […]

Saab successfully tests MSHORAD system

The Swedish armaments company Saab claims to have successfully tested its new MSHORAD system on August 30 at the Karlskoga firing range during a live demonstration. MSHORAD stands for Mobile Short-Range Air Defence. During the test, five different airborne exercise targets, intended to represent UAVs, helicopters and CAS (Close Air Support) aircraft, were successfully engaged. In addition, a [...]

Missile shield: Federal government wants to procure Arrow 3

The Ministry of Defense has opted for the Israeli Arrow 3 system when expanding German air defense to include so-called territorial missile defense. This was announced from circles of the Bundeswehr Procurement Office BAAINBw on Wednesday at the User Forum Armament and Use RÜ.NET 2022 in Koblenz. Accordingly, the BMVg made a product setting for the Arrow system a few days ago. […]

Meteor missile launched for the first time from the Gripen E

For the first time, the Meteor air-to-air missile has been launched from a Gripen E fighter jet. According to aircraft manufacturer Saab, the Meteor for the test shot was launched from the Gripen E at an altitude of approximately 5,000 m above the Vidsel test site in northern Sweden and achieved a successful end-to-end result on target. With a range […]

The German Air Force flies the flag in the Indo-Pacific

The three-week multinational air force exercise “Pitch Black 2022” has started in Australia for the first time with German participation. It is important for the Bundeswehr to demonstrate its operational readiness and interoperability with allies and security partners in the Indo-Pacific, despite the increased "air policing" in the Baltic States due to the Russian war of aggression against Ukraine. On August 15, around 250 German […]

Chancellor Scholz is aiming for an air defense project with neighboring countries

According to Chancellor Olaf Scholz, Germany wants to invest extensive funds in air defense in the coming years because Europe has a lot of catching up to do in “defending against threats from the air and from space”. As he went on to say in his keynote address on Euro-politics at Charles University in Prague this morning, the desired skills in […]

France continues to keep a close eye on FCAS

Despite differences of opinion between the industrial partners Dassault and Airbus, the French armed forces are apparently still behind the Franco-German-Spanish armaments project "Future Combat Air System" (FCAS), as became clear at a hearing of the French National Assembly a few weeks ago. The Defense Committee of the National Assembly has been conducting a cycle of hearings with top leaders of its own […]

US Navy buys Boeing's HAAWC airborne torpedo kits

The US Navy has placed an order with Boeing for series production of the so-called High-Altitude Anti-Submarine Warfare Weapon Capability (HAAWC). This is a 'gliding body', a so-called Air Launch Accessory (ALA) kit, which is attached to a Mark 54 anti-submarine warfare torpedo. The contract was signed between the US Naval Sea Systems Command and Boeing and has […]

The 3rd transport aircraft C-130J delivered to the Bundeswehr

The third C-130J transport aircraft, which is scheduled for the second quarter of 2023 according to the delivery plan, was handed over to the German armed forces almost a year earlier. After the transfer flight by the US Air Force, the machine with the registration 55+03 landed in Evreux, the location of the German-French air transport squadron "Rhein/Rhin", and went to German […]

Czech armed forces receive combat helicopters from the USA

In addition to the 12 US helicopters already on order, the Czech Air Force will receive a further eight aircraft as military support from the USA. This was announced by Defense Minister Jana Černochová during a visit to the troops. According to the minister, the replacement of the currently operated Mi-35/24V fleet should be able to begin from 2023. The Czech Armed Forces currently operate a mixed fleet of eight Mi-35/24V attack helicopters, which are increasingly classified as technically […]

Your daily mediator report in the morning – it starts right away!

The Mittler Report Morgenlage newsletter summarizes the news and articles published in the last 24 hours by all German-speaking Mittler Report publications at a glance and sends them to your mailbox every day at 5:30 a.m. Do you want to find out about the most important things from the past 24 hours in the fields of security, defense policy and defense technology? The […]

Defense system against unmanned aerial vehicles introduced

At an internal event, the Bundeswehr procurement office BAAINBw presented the recently procured defense system against unmanned aerial vehicles (ASUL). Almost two years after the start of the project, according to the Bundeswehr on its website, the system is ready for transport to areas of operation in order to protect the emergency services in the field camp from unmanned aircraft. As a growing threat, small unmanned aerial vehicles […]

First Eurofighter handed over to Qatar

BAE Systems has delivered the first Eurofighter to the Qatari Armed Forces at an official handover ceremony in Warton (UK). The combat aircraft will be transferred to Qatar in August. One of the first tasks will be to help protect the World Cup starting November 20, BAE Systems has announced. From BAE Systems’ point of view, the event marks […]

Carrying tests with Meteor on the Eurofighter

The first test flights with the medium-range Meteor guided missile on the Eurofighter combat aircraft took place at Tactical Air Force Squadron 74. The Bundeswehr sees this as a "significant step on the way to making the all-rounder operational for long-distance combat in the air". With the new operating software P2Eb, which has been implemented in the aircraft since April 2021 (ESuT reported), […]

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