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Mortar Systems Conference 2019 – Trends und Entwicklungen der Mörserwaffe

Internationale Vorträge von Mörserprogrammverantwortlichen in den Streitkräften und Vertretern der Industrie ermöglichen Einblicke in die derzeitigen Entwicklungen und Diskussionen rund um das Waffensystem Mörser. Die jährliche Mortar Systems Conference fand auch in diesem Jahr am 19. und 20. März, parallel mit einer Artillerie- und einer Simulationskonferenz, im englischen Bristol statt. Ziel der Veranstaltung war es, […]

Bronco 3 cold tested

ST Engineering Land Systems is finalizing the development of the Bronco 3 and had at the end of a multi-week test campaign prospects from Europe, America and Asia as well as international journalists to Ivalo / Finland - 300 km north of the Arctic Circle - to present and performance demonstration of the vehicle in arctic conditions invited. The Bronco 3 can, thanks to a particularly low [...]

Harmonization of small arms of the Bundeswehr

Various defense projects, use Conditional immediate needs and some modernizations and adaptations to special uses have the infantry toolbox Bundeswehr rich and specific, but sometimes also made confusing. New purchases are pending. Adapted concepts should harmonize the stock. Basically: The infantry toolbox ranges from combat knife up to the shoulder-guided missiles. Small arms and anti-tank hand weapons empower infantry and [...]

Protected military truck - European programs

Trucks are for military operations is crucial and must be constantly adapted to the current battlefield conditions. Logistics has always been the backbone of military operations. Normally, the armed forces involved in the operations are geographically removed from their home bases. Logistics is still essential to provide them with weapons and equipment, but also with food [...]

Medical service in use - skills to 2031

Ongoing changes in the security environment are a constant companion of military medical service and thus union plans. Consequently, the focus of the fulfillment of the Bundeswehr are generally not static. The nature and extent of his own order are therefore subject within a medium to long-term period under a steady progression process. Accordingly, the investments made in the previous planning cycles principal assumptions used in [...]

Projects Forces Joint Tactical fire support - Precise work on long range

The artillery troops making with tube and rocket artillery fire support, leading the battle with fire in the entire range of tasks of the armed forces. Your ability spectrum is an essential contribution to the Armed Forces Joint Tactical Fire Support (STF) for the German armed forces, and international allies. The artillery, besides contributions to education with their modern weapons systems by far-reaching, indirect fire near real-time, distance capable [...]

The Puma infantry fighting vehicle in the NATO spearhead 2023

In order for the German army to carry out its task as Very High Readiness Joint Task Force (VJTF) and thus as a spearhead to greatly increase the responsiveness of enhanced NATO Response Force (eNRF), an appropriately assertive material equipment is necessary, among other things, with the modernized armored personnel Puma (VJTF 2023) to be achieved. Panzergrenadiere unite with the armored personnel [...]

Renaissance of infantry anti-tank

Long been touted, big tank battles are a thing of the past. For the alignment of forces they played no role. With the national and Alliance defense capability requirements suddenly come back on, that have not been considered for a long time. Not only the tanks and artillery troops again has a meaning, but also the anti-tank in the infantry. In the […]

Defense of drones in Focus - compared Shooting for qualified air defense is imminent

When equipping the Army with the ability to so-called qualified antiaircraft another milestone being targeted: In April and May, companies should make a comparison test with their weapons systems and sensors. Requirement for participation is a request on the part of the Bundeswehr Procurement Office BAAINBw that had not yet been made at press time. Companies had to [...]

Articulated BvS10 for mountain pioneers of the armed forces

Defense Minister Mario Kunasek has 32 specially adapted to the requirements of the Austrian mountain troops BvS10 Hägglunds officially handed over to the engineer battalion of 2 Mountain Brigade 6th The exceptional terrain combat vehicle enables the secure transport of soldiers in operations in the high mountains, rugged terrain and off-road. "We thus revitalize our core business, the military national defense," said Kunasek. [...]

Swiss Armament Program 2019

With Armament Program 2019 of the Swiss Federal Council has put forward the need for the armed forces in the years to Parliament and requested 1.8 billion euros for financing. Once approved by Parliament, the contract negotiations begin with the aim of raising beginning from 2020. The program focuses are educating in built-up areas and the [...]

Fusion devices ensure absolute superiority - Interview with Alexander Engelhardt

Alexander Engelhardt's Product Manager Night Vision by the IEA MIL-OPTICS GmbH, which supplies Europe official and military special forces with night vision technology. ES & T: What are the origins of your company as it is set up and what its core competencies? Engelhardt: The origins of the IEA Mil-Optics GmbH lie in the passion of my father, the owner and CEO Michael [...]

International Armored Vehicles Conference 2019 - Less regulations for sophisticated technology

The extensive acquisition programs for the renewal of equipment for the armed forces around the world are preferred to imported and therefore mature technology. The ever-increasing tangle of regulations and rules must be broken in order to make the necessary material available quickly. These are two findings from the IQPC organized International Armored Vehicles Conference 2019, to [...]

Non-Line-of-Sight Imaging - The Fraunhofer Institute reports on new technologies

Systems for non-line-of-sight (NLOS) imaging are "just around the corner to see" and can accommodate objects that are outside of their direct field of vision. Their technical realization could in particular based on the computer-assisted analysis of scattered light. You are explored, because in many applications expected new possibilities of them, from the autonomous driving up to the [...]

The mountain battalion supply 8

Based on the Defense Policy Guidelines 2011, the application-oriented design of the structure HEER2011 has determined the organizational structure of supply in the army decisively. The national target of the ability to simultaneously hold by enabled deployment of up to 10,000 soldiers in taking over the responsibility of a Framework Nation for land-based operations in up to two application areas (and in addition [...]

All of a piece: How Bavaria supports the defense industry - a success story

The order situation for the companies of the Bavarian defense industry at the moment is very good. Orders of the armed forces and the demand from abroad bring the company good numbers. Since years go total of nearly 30 percent of defense contracts into the books of Bavarian companies. Instrumental in setting the course for the settlement of defense companies in the [...]

List of deficiencies in the NATO spearhead - Still radios

The schedule for the next German VJTF -Führung is narrow. And it is getting close. Germany takes over in 2023, took the lead again. While Germany took over this year with the panzerlehrbrigade 9 to lead the current VJTF, but this is disputed by zusammengeliehenem, partly outdated device. To VJTF 2023 it will be different. Indeed […]

The Center of Excellence Military Engineering

Pioneers have always had a close relationship with technology. This fact is easy to explain, as many national pioneers have a civil engineering background, and if not, they receive military training, which has many similarities. Technical thinking is in our veins, and in the search for solutions, we have to force ourselves to expand our points of view and [...]

Very High Readiness Joint Task Force (Land) 2019 - Logistical preparation, experiences and challenges

Against the backdrop of security challenges on the eastern border of the NATO Alliance territory, as well as in the Middle East and Africa, NATO in Wales the formation of a Very High Readiness Joint Task Force (VJTF) have decided to Member States at their summit, 2014. It also includes a military unit in the order of a reinforced brigade combat troops, VJTF (L) Brigade, from [...]

AC charger for rapid turnover in the field

The importance of powerful trucks in logistics services has led the NATO-scale exercise "Trident Juncture" in November 2018 vividly. Only 760 containers were transported among other things, standard truck and swap body systems MULTI from home locations to the locations in Norway and back. Now the army has announced the purchase of further 4000 MULTI, probably from the beginning of [...]

Rheinmetall Defense Talks

The production of military trucks in RMMV plant in Vienna was the focus of this year's Rheinmetall Defense Talks to which Rheinmetall had invited a group of international journalists to Vienna. In addition, were ways to drive the RMMV truck in the field and extensive information on new developments and current armament programs from the entire portfolio of the company. Large-volume supply contracts for military and [...]

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