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Mehrzweck-Lenkflugkörpersystem MMP von MBDA tauglich für den Winterkampf

Die französische Beschaffungsbehörde DGA und das französische Heer haben Anfang 2019 eine Testreihe gestartet, um das Mehrzweck-Lenkflugkörpersystem Missile Moyenne Porteé (Rakete mittlerer Reichweite, MMP) unter extremen Winterbedingungen zu erproben. Die Schießversuche erfolgten auf dem schwedischen Schießplatz bei Vidsel nahe dem Polarkreis. Bei Temperaturen zwischen -15°C und -30 °C erwiesen sich die Schießtage als voller Erfolg, […]

Intensifier with Photonis technology

Photonis liefert der Bundeswehr Bildverstärkerröhren 4G High FOM für den Einsatz in NYX-Nachtsichtbrillen von Theon Sensors. Mit den neuen Bildverstärkerröhren wird die Nachtkampffähigkeit gesteigert und vor allem das Führen von Fahrzeugen sicherer gemacht. Die 4G Bildverstärkerröhren verbessern die Tiefenwahrnehmung, die für die Beurteilung von Entfernung und Relativbewegung wichtig ist. Merkmale sind ultraschnelles Auto-Gating, mit dem […]

General death D. Wolters on the way to SACEUR

General (US Air Forces) Tod D. Wolters ist zum Oberbefehlshaber Europa vorgeschlagen. Der 59-Jährige ist der bisherige kommandierende General der United States Air Forces Europe,  United States Air Forces Africa, des NATO Allied Air Command, Ramstein sowie Direktor des Joint Air Power Competence Centre, Kalkar. Neben Führungs- und Stabspositionen (u.a. im Büro des ‚Secretary of […]

EOD robot tEODor EVO

Die Telerob Gesellschaft für Fernhantierungstechnik hat die neue Generation ihres EOD-Roboters tEODor (telerob Explosive Ordnance Disposal and observation robot) vorgestellt. Der tEODor EVO bietet ein neues Bedienkonzept, das dem Bediener eine leichte und komfortable Handhabung des Roboters zur Bombenentschärfung ermöglicht. Das Bedienkonzept „Robo Command“ besteht aus einer in Volumen und Gewicht reduzierten Kommunikationseinheit und einer […]

offered armored personnel Lynx KF41 for the Australian procurement program

Rheinmetall hat ein umfassendes Angebot für das australische Schützenpanzerprogramm Land 400 Phase 3 – Mounted Close Combat Capability – abgegeben.  Im Rahmen der Ausschreibung bietet man der australischen Armee neben Schützenpanzervarianten des Lynx KF 41 auch einen Lynx Pionierpanzer an (Manouevre Support Vehicle/MSV). Lynx IFV (Infantry Fighting Vehicle: Schützenpanzer) und Lynx MSV wurden in Bezug […]

Aimpoint provides FCS13-RE Feuerleitvisiere to the US forces

The US forces have engaged Aimpoint the delivery of fire control systems of the type FCS13-RE. They should primarily on the M3E1 MAAWS (Multi-Role Anti-Armor Anti-Personnel Weapon System) alias 84mm Carl Gustaf be used M4 made by Saab Dynamics. The FCS13-RE is a dynamic universal reflex sight with direct-view channel. It has an integrated laser rangefinder and a ballistic calculator. It [...]

Equipment and tactical workshops 05.11

End of August opened 5.11 Tactical in Hamburg its first flagship store in Europe. This Experience Center & Retail Store to make 5.11 Tactical experience the brand. Therefore, the concept also includes workshops on the topics of equipment and tactical handling. The prelude to the series made in September "11.5 VTAC Rifle Sling - Professional handling of [...]

Lindnerhof tactics - Lightweight support with quick release system

Plate carriers have been established in both agencies as well as armed forces as a standard suspension system. On the IWA presented Lindnerhof tactics, equipment specialist from Bavaria, including a new drive carrier in which particular weight reduction is the focus. Unternehnensangaben by the new plate support is a further development of the proven plate carrier of the VI. Generation, combining the models L1 Evo [...]

EnforceTac - Theon Sensors establishes subsidiary in Germany

Theon Sensors, an international manufacturer of night vision and thermal imaging equipment, has established with Theon Germany GmbH, a local subsidiary. Thus the strong demand for night vision and thermal imaging equipment in the room DACH and Benelux, as well as the expected future business account. "With the opening of Theon Germany we build on the success in [...]

Renaissance of the motorcyclist - BMW motorcycles for NATO spearhead

The panzerlehrbrigade 9 in Munster has the first 29 of 84 ordered bikes BMW GS 850 F obtained for the refurbishing of the motorcyclist. After the urgent requirement end of 2018, only three and a half months have passed to the delivery of the first machines. One reason is that the BwFuhrparkService that provides the motorcycles of the force, market-available products [...]

EnforceTac - Hensoldt presented 1-8 x 24 scope

Hensoldt presents a scope with one up to eight times magnification at this year EndorceTac in Nuremberg. The ZF 1-8 x 24 provides an integrated illuminated red dot and one of them independent reticle illumination. The simple enlargement works like a red dot sight with a large field of view. The shooter shoots open with both eyes. The reticle is located at ZF 1-8 x 24 [...]

March 2019 edition of the European Security and Technology published

This version is a few days later to you, our readers, because - as we announced - the traditional extensive coverage of the Munich Security Conference had to be transposed. The proven IT & T Conference Team Christine Hegenbart, Pia Seyfried and Tatjana Vogt have summarized the main panel again. The head of the Political Department of Defense, Géza Andreas [...]

AGF 2 and UFK - replacement of AGF Serval for special forces

The reconnaissance / combat vehicle used since 2003 exclusively with the Special Forces Command (KSK) (AGF) Serval is getting old and needs to be replaced in several appearances by excessive wear. The Federal Office for equipment, information technology and use of the Bundeswehr (BAAINBw) has opened the contest to replace the Serval on 1 March. On the European procurement platform TED is a [...]

Udav - New gun generation for the Russian armed forces?

In the Russian armed forces is being considered to replace the currently used Makarov pistol with a more modern model. As Russian media reports, a decision on the mass production of the new pistol generation could already fall in March. As a promising model developed by Tsniitochmash "udav" ( "Boa") applies. The relatively bulky Spannabzungspistole with external firing pin has [...]

News from Concamo

Only the IWA 2018 Matthias Bürgin had launched its self-developed innovative camouflage Concamo. Apparel maker Leo Köhler brought out the pattern as the first manufacturer to IWA 2018th ES & T had to repeatedly reported. This lavish hybrid model takes advantage of the psychology of perception, to withdraw the support of the opposing enlightenment. Matthias Bürgin left in the [...]

Australian armored personnel Program Country 400 Phase 3 is picking up speed

Today March 1, 2019, the offer period ended in Australian armament projects Country 400 Phase 3 Mounted Close Combat Capability. The "Diggers" looking with the project, a new infantry fighting vehicle family. The new vehicle will replace the previously used M113, a Absitzstärke of six men and - a key demand - in terms of the strategic and tactical mobility [...]

EnforceTac - FN Herstal brings FN SCAR-SC in .300 BLK

Just in time for EnforceTac 2019, the Belgian FN Herstal armory brings its subcompact middle distance weapon FN SCAR-SC out in caliber 7.62mm x 35th The handy weapon also fires both .300 and .300 Blackout Whisper. The FN SCAR-SC comes standard with a retractable buttstock and is available with a wide selection of other shoulder rests and accessories to the [...]

100 kW laser weapon for mobile and stationary use

Rheinmetall has developed a new weapon station for laser weapons technology and tested, can accommodate up to 100 kW, the laser performance. The system consists of the components of the laser source, beam guidance system, optics and moving system. With the movable laser weapon station of the laser beam is mechanically aligned to the destination. The specially designed for the requirements of a laser weapon system weapon station is the [...]

Minivan Ajban 447A presented

At the IDEX Nimr Automotive has the protected 4 × 4 minivan Ajban 447A presented an evolution of the established Ajban 440A. Significant change is the reconfiguration of the driveline including suspension with weight savings, which enabled a flat inner bottom, in favor of an increase of the internal volume. The now accommodate five fully equipped soldiers - with facing forward - [...]

NSPA procured FN SCAR assault rifles and machine guns FN MINIMI for Portugal

NATO Procurement and Support Agency (NSPA) has ordered handguns for the Portuguese soldiers system Sistemas de Combato do Soldato at FN Herstal. This - also view the NSPA major - major order for the delivery of FN SCAR assault rifles and machine guns FN MINIMI as a future standard weapons for the infantry and FN40GL grenade launchers, and accessories. Quantities [...]

delivered 500 GTK Boxer

On February 7, 2019 has the ARTEC - the Boxer joint venture between Rheinmetall and KMW - passed the 500th Boxer to the customer at the production site of Munich Krauss-Maffei Wegmann. This is an important brand in the Boxer program has been exceeded. OCCAR has appointed as joint procurement agency a total of 696 boxers for the three program countries Germany, the Netherlands and Lithuania. By […]

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