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Das Wissen vor dem Handeln – Die Nachrichtendienste in der europäischen Außen- und Sicherheitspolitik

Eine erfolgreiche EU-gemeinsame Sicherheitspolitik benötigt nicht nur funktionierende Kräfte ziviler und militärischer Krisenreaktion, sondern auch umfassende Lagebilder als Entscheidungsgrundlage. Die Nachrichtendienste der Mitgliedstaaten verfügen über ein den Streitkräften vergleichbares, hohes Kooperationspotenzial. Das Jahr 2019 ist für die EU ein Jahr der Weichenstellungen. Nicht nur die Geschehnisse rund um den Brexit, sondern auch die Europawahl und die ihr folgenden […]

New fields of ships of the Federal Police See - Frontex mission in the Aegean

With the baptism of the first of three new ships use the name "BP 81 Potsdam" on 14 December 2018, the decisive step for the procurement of three high-sea vessels used for the Federal Police was completed lake. The commissioning of the "BP Potsdam" is provided in April of 2019. The other two ships use "BP 82 Bamberg" and "BP 83 Bad [...]

The Italian Mafia - a secret society in Germany: On the trail of a criminal organization

100 billion euros - this money dimension reflects the amount which is washed annually by the Italian mafia in Germany, according to expert estimates. Mafia in Germany, there's this? Since the current mafia raids the dimension of the problem Mafia is now known in Germany, although the Italian Mafia successfully their mischief in Germany for decades. [...]

The data theft as an opportunity - Guest Commentary

Now what has happened, what experts had been expecting a long time: a huge data set of highly sensitive political information has surfaced on the net. Emails, account information, family photos - some very intimate details. Hundreds of politicians are concerned and in some cases those famous people who shared with them news. Their home addresses were suddenly in the net. Unexpectedly, the theft was, however, [...]

Reform of the security sector in Iraq with the help of EU

It is now a year since the EU advisory mission for security sector reform in Iraq (European Union Advisory Mission in Support of Security Sector Reform in Iraq, Iraq EUAM) began its work in Baghdad. Since then, she advises the Iraqis in implementing these reforms. The mission is in the Iraqi Interior Ministry and [...]

Meppen: The Heath Burns Civil-Military Cooperation

Rita Eggern was pissed. Throughout the summer, her family had given up the barbecue in the garden. It had been much too dry. Because a spark would have been enough to plug the Moor in Meppen in Emsland on fire. Such caution missing Rita Eggern now in the neighboring department of the Bundeswehr. Despite the weeks of drought [...]

LÜKEX 18: Gas shortage in Southern Germany

By a polar cold front the temperatures drop in Germany up to -25 ° C. These extreme weather conditions persist over a longer period. In the end it will be several weeks. As a result, the levels of gas storage continues to decline. Through further technical, economic and weather-related factors, a gas bottleneck. The gas supply must [...]

Take advantage of the BOS digital radio

The civil-military civil-military cooperation can only be achieved if a common communication is possible on site. In the practice of doing a neck-and-neck race between the private cell phone and digital radio will take place, which starts differently depending on usage basis. The advantage of the BOS digital radio is its own infrastructure, its own frequency, high scalability [...]

Terror in the Stuttgart Hauptbahnhof - large-scale exercise of the police on the anniversary of the New York attacks

More than 1,000 officers from the federal and state police of Baden-Wuerttemberg have been practicing in Stuttgart Central how to cope with a terrorist attack. How can the population be protected against an expansion of the situation? How can injuries be effectively saved? How should bystanders be treated? For one night, parts of the main railway station were closed. The scenario: The [...]

Germany needs new national defense policies - New design and better compatible equipment needed

The Inspector of the Joint Support Service, Lieutenant-General Manfred Schelleis, and the president of the Federal Office of Civil Protection and Disaster Relief, Christoph Unger, collectively in IT T-conversation. ES & T: General, we now have a White Paper of the Bundeswehr, we have a concept of the Bundeswehr, we have a capability profile of the Bundeswehr. we actually have a document for the whole defense in Germany? Schelleis: [...]

TeutoDefence authorities day 2018 - Managing Critical Situations

Special situations require special training and equipment. "Managing Critical Situations" was the motto of this year's TeutoDefence authorities day. In early September met for the ninth time now experts from police, security agencies, armed forces and industry in Bad Oeynhausen to discuss this. TeutoDefence manager Holger Veh had again put together an extensive program. The focus was in good shape - a [...]

Partition torn - Comment October 2018

the organs to ensure safety in Germany, the interior has been challenged as in recent months are 01Selten in Germany. A special spotlight on this scene threw the events in Chemnitz. They have shown in a special field, however much in Germany political disputes are becoming more violent. The trend towards longer is beautiful [...]

Recently, we have expanded our offering - Interview with Wilfried Simon, Sales Manager Europe, FN Herstal

ES & T: FN Herstal is known for the production of small arms. Can you tell FN Herstals activities more? Simon: FN Herstal is a worldwide known name in the field of small arms, which is our core business since our founding in 1889th Over the years we have extended our product range and our know-how to many new features and [...]

Police protection tasks abroad - A special Association of the Federal Police

The agency "Police protection tasks abroad" (PSA) can look back on a decade-long history. Their duties since August 2017 include the human and material security of foreign missions, but also police security consulting. The Department PSA exists in its present form since August 2017. At the time, bundled the Federal Police all their special forces in the [...]

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