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Mortar Systems Conference 2019 – Trends und Entwicklungen der Mörserwaffe

Internationale Vorträge von Mörserprogrammverantwortlichen in den Streitkräften und Vertretern der Industrie ermöglichen Einblicke in die derzeitigen Entwicklungen und Diskussionen rund um das Waffensystem Mörser. Die jährliche Mortar Systems Conference fand auch in diesem Jahr am 19. und 20. März, parallel mit einer Artillerie- und einer Simulationskonferenz, im englischen Bristol statt. Ziel der Veranstaltung war es, […]

Highly automated server solutions - securely and efficiently - IT News March 2019

Again and again vulnerabilities in software and operating systems. Therefore regularly called patches logs the update function of the home PC to record system updates. These include the known vulnerabilities so that someone can not penetrate through bug in the computer. Since the installation of the patches often requested that certain programs are closed or the computer [...]

Bronco 3 cold tested

ST Engineering Land Systems is finalizing the development of the Bronco 3 and had at the end of a multi-week test campaign prospects from Europe, America and Asia as well as international journalists to Ivalo / Finland - 300 km north of the Arctic Circle - to present and performance demonstration of the vehicle in arctic conditions invited. The Bronco 3 can, thanks to a particularly low [...]

Biofuel - The Fraunhofer Institute reports on new technologies

The overarching principle of energy harvesting covers all approaches to operate technical equipment autonomously only by harnessing existing in the respective ambient energy. One possible technology in this context is the so-called biofuel cell that can convert the chemical energy of a locally present in any natural substrate in directly usable electrical energy and do not [...]

International relevance of the IDEX 2019

On Sunday, the IDEX 2019, one of the biggest arms fairs in the world begins in Abu Dhabi. To their importance for German industry IT & T editor Dorothee Frank in the notification letter wrote Army of the Supporting Deutsches Heer (FKH). We document this post courtesy of FKH. From 17 to 21 February 2019 will take place in Abu Dhabi [...]

Fusion devices ensure absolute superiority - Interview with Alexander Engelhardt

Alexander Engelhardt's Product Manager Night Vision by the IEA MIL-OPTICS GmbH, which supplies Europe official and military special forces with night vision technology. ES & T: What are the origins of your company as it is set up and what its core competencies? Engelhardt: The origins of the IEA Mil-Optics GmbH lie in the passion of my father, the owner and CEO Michael [...]

International Armored Vehicles Conference 2019 - Less regulations for sophisticated technology

The extensive acquisition programs for the renewal of equipment for the armed forces around the world are preferred to imported and therefore mature technology. The ever-increasing tangle of regulations and rules must be broken in order to make the necessary material available quickly. These are two findings from the IQPC organized International Armored Vehicles Conference 2019, to [...]

Non-Line-of-Sight Imaging - The Fraunhofer Institute reports on new technologies

Systems for non-line-of-sight (NLOS) imaging are "just around the corner to see" and can accommodate objects that are outside of their direct field of vision. Their technical realization could in particular based on the computer-assisted analysis of scattered light. You are explored, because in many applications expected new possibilities of them, from the autonomous driving up to the [...]

All of a piece: How Bavaria supports the defense industry - a success story

The order situation for the companies of the Bavarian defense industry at the moment is very good. Orders of the armed forces and the demand from abroad bring the company good numbers. Since years go total of nearly 30 percent of defense contracts into the books of Bavarian companies. Instrumental in setting the course for the settlement of defense companies in the [...]

Rheinmetall Defense Talks

The production of military trucks in RMMV plant in Vienna was the focus of this year's Rheinmetall Defense Talks to which Rheinmetall had invited a group of international journalists to Vienna. In addition, were ways to drive the RMMV truck in the field and extensive information on new developments and current armament programs from the entire portfolio of the company. Large-volume supply contracts for military and [...]

Infantry armament - Austrian military interests in Germany

In SIPRI arms export ranking a distant second behind, Austria still provides a powerful and innovative defense industry which, according to press reports, based compete in the population with the sales of the German armaments industry and depending on which aspects are taken into account, it can even surpass. Among them are some of the global market / or technology leaders. With the end of the Cold War there were [...]

Freeze is not a training goal! - Interview with Stephan Krupke

Stephan Krupke is head of Government Sales at Scandic Outdoor GmbH, which imports since 1987 Woolpower from Sweden. ES & T: What history combines Woolpower with the military in general and the army in particular? Krupke: late 1960s Woolpower has developed on behalf of the Swedish Armed Forces, together with Survival instructors a thermal baselayer. The resulting from merino wool and synthetic fiber knit [...]

"Transparent and fair competition creates the best conditions for high technology." - Interview with Dr. Thomas Kauffmann, Managing GDELS-Germany GmbH

With a number of ongoing projects in several European countries, General Dynamics European Land Systems (GDELS) is certainly one of the top names when it comes to technology for ground forces. In this interview, Dr. expresses Thomas Kauffmann, vice president of General Dynamics European Land Systems (GDELS) and managing GDELS-Germany GmbH, on issues of industrial cooperation and [...]

Naval Technical Assurance

Improving the safety and reliability of surface ships and submarines of the Navy by the participation of a classification society. The origin of the first classification societies dates back to the 18th century. Overseas trade was flourishing, but not dangerous, and many merchant ships wrecked or lost their charge. In many cases, this was due to fatigue or insufficiently equipped vessels. [...]

Interview with Magnus Espelund, head of strategy of the Business Unit Ground Combat at SAAB Dynamics AB

ES & T: With the focus of many forces on the national and Alliance defense puts the issue of anti-tank all troops to the front. How do you rate the current situation around the development of modern battle tank? Espelund: This is just a part of our perception. We observe that armored increasingly complex environments, such as an urban environment, [...]

Companies are combining skills - Armor partnerships for major projects are in vogue

Armament projects are considered to be complex and require for their implementation is usually a lot of time. At the same time the Ministry of Defense is to buy more on the procurement of military complete systems instead of separately developed tanks or planes. When it comes to such systems, often several industrial suppliers must join forces to ever lace up the required offer package. When […]

Impulses from Thun RUAG Defense with exhibition in the Bernese Oberland

Under the slogan "Your partner in all positions" RUAG Defense had invited him in good company for the annual Impulstag for customers, partners and press at the site Thun, at the same time marked the 20th anniversary of the company this year. After being greeted with company presentation by the CEO Andreas Berger all participants were given the opportunity in the [...]

SMEs - Reliable partner of the Bundeswehr interview with Prof. Dr. hc Mario Ohoven

Interview with Prof. Dr. hc Mario Ohoven, president of the Federal Association of Medium-Sized Businesses, Employers' Association of Germany eV, BVMW ES & T: What are the objectives of the BVMW for the middle class? Ohoven: The BVMW is by far the strongest force of the voluntarily organized middle class in Germany. We represent in our middle class alliance more than 650,000 members who employ more than eleven million people. [...]

Departure to the working world of tomorrow - IT News & Trends December 2019

Mark Zobel, Executive Architect management of BWI GmbH Who deals with the issue of labor market in innovation, coming to terms such as "Work 4.0" and "New Work" is not over. What's it all about? Works 4.0 is the next step into the digital age. It stands for networking and digitization. It's about mixing and [...]

A successful milestone birthday EURONAVAL 2018

Hans Uwe Mergener Oh, EURONAVAL again. For the insiders a must. Need for the exhibitors. See and be seen. But something was different not only by the statistical data. On its 50th birthday the EURONAVAL was noted that they leave the beaten track and different, wanted to present new. It began the day before [...]

Turnaround technology - Marine 2030+ - 20 DWT Marine Workshop

The 20th Marine Workshop (24 to 26 September 2018) of the German Society for Defense Technology (DWT) dealt with new technologies for the development and future of the Navy. Availability An acute problem the Navy is the limited life of their units. Therefore, the Navy wants the program "Agenda use" with the industry the life of their [...]

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